Jihad doctrine for dummies

The world is constantly bombarded by Islamic Jihad but common people increasingly find themselves confused in understanding the core of the ideology and how it functions. Then they learn it the hard way when they are showered with bullets like in Orlando and Paris or mowed down by a big truck like in Nice. So are you an average Joe who wants to figure out what jihad actually is without having to read the religious texts or doing a PhD in theology? This article is for you, so read on.

Let’s start with a story to understand how the blame game and victimhood narrative starts. For this let’s go to Mankhurd, a Mumbai slums currently dominated by the Muslims. But Mankhurd was not so always. This notorious and filthy slum was populated by people from UP/Bihar and from the interiors of Maharashtra. In the 1990’s Shiv Sena built huge complexes for them in lieu of their land. While those complexes had the capacity for housing all the people of this slum, the areas surrounding these complexes continued to be populated over the years.

With the passage of time green flags started popping up all over the place, replacing the Shiv Sena flags – indicating that the non-Muslims had mostly left the filthy areas and moved on to the housing colonies. But the space they left behind was aggressively occupied by the Muslims. Now, you have these ugly complexes housing people and spread out all over the place and slums marked conspicuously by “hazrat-blah-blah” boards and green flags. Even if you take the ghettos of South Mumbai, there are one room houses with Muslim families that are seven or eight people strong. This as anyone can guess correctly is no mistake of the government or due to oppression by non-Muslims, but the result of the incessant Muslim breeding.

In 1881 Brit official Ibbeston noting how Mohammedanism made Punjabi Muslims disinclined to work. Seems familiar?

Now take this model to any country or even history. Their is a pattern behind consistent miserable conditions of Muslims in all countries and the consistent blame game which they play. So how does it work? The basic doctrine of Islam is to deliberately follow an unsustainable plan leading up to a resource crunch later. This makes sure that the resources are few and those claiming them are too many which invariably leads to conflicts, as intended by the doctrine.

Want food? Kill that animal and eat it. Want sex? Marry that underage teenage girl and rape her without consent. Want more sex? Marry 4 girls, there is no one stopping you. Want children? Have 10, who’s stopping you. Want brides for your sons? Kidnap Kafir women, what’s stopping you? Claim Islamophobia and start a riot. Want land? Demolish a Hindu temple and occupy his land. Want even more land? Invade a neighbour and occupy his land. Everything has the halal stamp of approval as long as you believe in Allah and his messenger, so no need to worry about common courtesy, humanity or morality.

Once a Muslim is thoroughly done exploiting the resources available to him in his own surroundings and the number of people and their demands keep growing, there are going to be conflicts for demanding more resources, thus leading to politicians taking advantage of them by claiming that all the misery which Muslims face is due to evil kafirs who took all the resources and discriminated against the innocent Momin. So the Momin gets agitated and becomes a terrorist to take revenge. Not for a single moment does he think that the kafir is rich not because he has stolen anything from the Momin but because he follows a sustainable survival plan, practices planned parenthood, has less kids, saves money, sends kids to good schools, has better standard of livings, and hence his creed prospers. As opposed to that, a Momin has 10 kids, sends them to madrassas, they pass out with no practical real life skills and then complain that kafirs have occupied all jobs and left no jobs for Muslims.

Last Muslim on Earth Cartoon

So what is the next step? Build on this self-imposed disenfranchisement, organize into groups, and start fights with others. That is basically the Jihad doctrine. That is why all Muslims vehemently oppose any attempts to popularize birth control and family planning among Muslim women. To summarize the steps:

1) Create resource crunch

2) Cry victimhood and blame the rest

3) Organize and fight

It is a complete template for an eventual class war leading to a violent struggle, just like the one Karl Marx eulogizes. That is why Islam is not a spiritual belief like Hinduism or Buddhism. It is a complete political theory of organization of people for an expansionist political goal. It is more fair to compare it with other political ideologies like communism instead of spiritual theories like Hinduism. That’s why, if a person becomes more Hindu or more Buddhist, there is no problem to society, but if someone becomes more Muslim, then you better start building bomb shelters.