Feminists lied to women about career and marriage

The march of feminism continues unabated in the middle class sections of India. It has not yet attained the ugly militant form as in the west but given the popularity of the feminist memes among young girls, it would grip a large section of society sooner or later. The most important reason for the rise of this militancy would lie in failed or low satisfaction marriages for career girls.

Swati is currently working in Railways and is turning thirty in a month. Swati and her parents have been trying hard to find her a suitable partner for the last 2 years but it has not been going well as most of their calls don’t get returned by the boys’ family. Having studied at JNU, there was never a dearth of suitors for Swati where she completed her Masters before spending few more years to crack civil services exam and join Railways. She ignored most of the arranged marriage proposals during her Masters, but now finds herself on the wrong side. She jokingly says- “I look fairly decent so I think my parents are not doing a good job while they were going crazy with offers five years ago!”. Apparently, Swati is not the only successful women, who is facing marriage troubles in liberal middle class India.

To understand the genesis of this problem, one has to look at the destroyed societies of west. How did it happen in the west? Feminists brainwashed women that they can attain everything in the world i.e. both great career and great partner. But since feminism is a political ideology, it is hardly rooted in any natural phenomenon. And according to nature, for every benefit one has to pay the cost. So, western women blinded by careerism ignored settling down into fruitful marriages while bolstering their career till they reach their 30s, when suddenly nature strikes them with vengeance and they become unattractive to most males. While a 25 year old career women has bountiful options, which she neglects in her prime age due to feminist brainwashing, her 30 year old self sees a sharp decline in number of interested partners. At this age, while men might still be happy to sleep with her, but they lose interest in her as a potential long term partner. Unfortunately, she has to choose someone who is much below her prime age value partners as most males are still interested in other 25 year old girls rather than the 30 year old successful career woman. This further leads to breakdown in marriages later in their lives due to dissatisfaction because the loser that these girls marry does not match up with the charismatic males the career woman dated when she was 25 yrs old.

Attraction to prime age fertile women had been a very well understood phenomenon in all cultures until the march of feminism which denied nature and bashed it as a patriarchal value. Those who believed this propaganda are now paying the cost in terms of depression pills and failed marriages. But science has again come to the rescue of those who can remove the ideological blinders that feminism has put on their eyes. In an article published in Scientific Records, some evolutionary biologists have found the basic bodily features which attract men:

Critically, when bodily features were only visible through restricted apertures, fixations strongly shifted to the hips, to potentially extract hip-width and curvature, then the breast and face. Our hierarchical mapping suggests that the visual system primary uses hip information to compute the waist-to-hip ratio and the body mass index, the crucial factors in determining sexual attractiveness and mate selection.

This information has been part of most societies before being lost to the attack of militant feminism. Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is a prime indicator for fertility and men are primarily interested in fertile women. This is what primarily attracts them to females and career etc are secondary choices. If it was only about career and money, then men would have married other men rather than women throughout the history!! The article further goes on to explain the importance of WHR:

The extraction of women’s WHR information could have an evolutionary basis because WHR is a reliable indicator of a woman’s age, health and fertility: Compared to women with high WHR, women with a low WHR have fewer irregular menstrual cycles31, optimal sex hormone profiles32, ovulate more frequently33, and have lower endocervical pH, which favors sperm penetration34. Low WHR is also an independent predictor of pregnancy in women attending an artificial insemination clinic35 and in women attempting in vitro embryo fertilization transfer36.

But why is this even a problem for India? This is not a problem for India yet but it will become one very soon in the future. Career girls and their families are already feeling the heat in the marriage market due to ignoring traditional values and delaying marriage till they are 30 years old and un-marriageable. This is a big problem in China as well where 30 year old women are given the title of “leftover women“. And there is no reason to brush aside this problem, because this problem is already getting highlighted in news and blogposts. Look at the ideological blindness of this article in FirstPost, where the author bashes men for this problem. It gives three main reasons for problems faced by 30 something women:

First is that we Indian men, for the most part, haven’t got to the point yet where we’re able to acknowledge that women can be and very often are more educated than us. Second, it’s tougher for a 35-plus woman to get hitched when compared to a man of the same age. This is because a woman in her 20s is OK with a 35-year-old guy but not vice-versa. This is a function of our social conditioning where empirically most wives are younger than their husbands.

The author is more than happy to bash societal conditioning of men rather than understand the workings of nature. Men prefer young women, not because of societal conditioning but because younger women are more fertile. But the whole point is that this problem is making inroads into India as can be seen in other articles like here, here and here. If it were not a problem to be 30 and cool, no one would be worried or write articles about it. But something is troubling and that is why the propaganda machine of BBC is already blaring its trumpet to help poor Indian women.

Unsurprisingly this problem does not vanish away even though India has a very poor sex ratio. The reason behind it is that the successful women and their families practise hypergamy and would not marry a beggar or anyone below their standards, while rich boys will marry prime age fertile women. So having wasted their best years, the reality hits the women hard. But by then it is too late and all they can do is resort to name-calling patriarchal societal values and shift the blame on men, while having made faulty choices themselves. If politically correct feminism champion societies of the west cannot force their men to marry 30 year old women, there is no reason why this can be solved by namecalling the patriarchal societies like India and China. If feminists ignore natural selection, they are opening themselves up for a rude shock. Their brainwashing did not help the women in west and would neither help them in India.


What is the way forward to this situation? Given advancement in technology and easy solutions to household chores, it is natural that most women will join workforce. But this should not happen at the cost of building future families. It is important for both the girls and their families to not ignore the forces of nature and give equal weight to both career and family. Career can be advanced even after marriage and there is no reason to turn to depression pills later in life to prove oneself modern and flag bearer of a stupid ideology which is disconnected from reality. You can be happy to sacrifice your youth at the altar of feminism, but remember that nature always has the last laugh and does not bend to anyone’s whims and fancies.

All names and professions have been changed to protect identity.