Rules for internet Hindus

There is an interesting handle which runs on twitter by the name of @Rules4IHs (Rules for Internet Hindus). Here are some of the gems from same handle:

1) The one who gives answers doesn’t win, the who ask questions wins

2) Who wins the game keeps the cup, Who makes the rules keep the franchise (Those who can’t make their own music, are forced to dance on other’s tunes)

3) Either stay clear of snake or cut its head, never leave it wounded and angry

4) Ideate –> network –> disrupt –> supplant –> iterate, but most importantly have fun

5) Learn, do not deify

6) If you argue successfully on one side of debate you have supremacy but if you argue on both sides you have hegemony

7) Beware of Seduction Of Abstract. Narcissism Of Intellect

8) I will rather be loved than feared but if that’s not possible I will rather be feared than be mocked or worse ignored

9) Discredit, divide and rule

10) Nothing emasculates a movement faster than hankering for respectability and acceptance by a hostile establishment

11) Indian Secularism is Hinduphobia in a nice dress

Hope these rules will help you next time you take on sickularists, jihadis or leftists in online or offline battles.