Accidental tweet by Irfan Habib shows his true Islamist colors

In a rare Twitter exchange between Irfan Habib and a fellow twitteratti exposed the real side of the Indian historian. There was a tweet by a twitterati on how Islam is a religion of violence and their holy month of Ramzan represents the time most sacred for Muslims to kill non-Muslims. Here is the set of tweets:

But the notorious historian commented on how Ramazan is also a month where Muslims were also killed by Jihadists in large numbers and that it’s not just kafirs who are getting killed implying that Kafirs are justified in being killed and that Muslims killing other Muslims in Ramazan holy month is absolutely unislamic.

This was a rare display of open out of the closet moment for the Jihadis like him. Usually, these snakes hide their Hinduphobia and Indophobia in their history books under the pretext of The Marxist analytical glasses. But their real intention behind their Hinduphobia is just their plain old rabid barbaric religion. Is it any wonder that these snakes white wash how most Indian Muslim rulers were benign and didn’t kill and persecute Hindus and how they were tolerant even though there are multiple boastings and accounts by Muslim historians of the time itself on the glorious massacres of Hindus done by Muslim rulers of the time? Under history books written by such Islamists, the barbarians who ruled north India get more than 50% of the coverage while the massive golden age period and empires of South India like Chola empire, which spread Hinduism and Indian culture to South east Asia, including ‘Singapuram’ or modern day Singapore or the glorious Marathas who uprooted the Islamic rule in India or their predecessors, the Vijayanagar Empire, which saved south India and its glorious monuments today from destruction by the Islamic barbarians get relegated to foot notes or few paragraphs? Indians are taught more about their defeats than about their glorious past. And now the same left wing intelligentsia and Congis want to paint a picture of Muslims being oppressed in India. Isn’t it ridiculous that the same people who are shown to rule India for 800 years are now shown to be the most oppressed people!!

But as this tweet shows, it brings out the hidden bias of a blatant Islamist who is responsible for the education and history lessons in India. What is the supposedly self appointed thekedars of Hinduism and Hindus in India, the ever so secular than thou BJP government with its glorious quality of HRD ministers, doing to correct this injustice against Hindus? More importantly, how long will Hindus take these repeated kicks to their back lying down? Are they going to prove that they indeed don’t have any spine and keep masquerading their lack of spine and lack of self respect as being tolerant? Time for Hindus to be honest about themselves.

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