Hindus need to capture mass media for survival

What is the role of popular entertainment channel? The men of yore understood this very well and hence almost all great civilizations passed down the gift of stories and narratives from one generation to another to keep the civilization alive. Bharat has been very fortunate to keep the spirit of the old civilization alive and can claim to participate in Ramayana and Mahabharata narration the same way its ancestors did some 2-3k years ago.

But the spread of popular culture from the west and the blind haste to copy everything is delivering death blow to the civilizational ethos of this nation. But even more important than this blind copy is the spread of leftist lies and stories both in the media and popular culture. The anti-national and traitor agency of Bollywood is at the forefront of this degeneracy which glorifies Jihadis and ridicules Hindu faith while keeping quiet on the other bigger evils plaguing Bharat.

What Hindus need to do to stop this agenda of breaking India is to infiltrate the popular mass media avenues and make it cool to be a Hindu. The same is needed to promote family values as well to stop the march of individual narcissism. The best way to attack Islamism, Marxism, feminism and all other -isms is to laugh them out of existence. The intellectual kshatriya work should be accompanied by making strides into the entertainment industry and delivering the message to the masses.

This needs to be done on a big scale but all small efforts should be appreciated. So, pick up the art that you know and contribute to building a new narrative be it short movies, plays, music or video games. Time to unleash the creative forces of Hindu civilization on the world.

The featured image for this article is taken from here. The artist’s name is Anirudh and he has interesting take on many characters from Indian epics.

Also, an interesting way to ridicule enemies of this nation is shown by this handle @Infinitchy. Check out some of the videos:

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