How to revive the Hindu Kshatriya spirit

Those who know about great Kshatriya traditions of Bharata will be filled up with emotions when they read “Veer Ras”(heroism) poet Dinkar here:

सहनशीलता, क्षमा, दया को
तभी पूजता जग है
बल का दर्प चमकता उसके
पीछे जब जगमग है

(Tolerance, forgiveness and clemency, Are respected by the world, Only when the glow of strength, From behind them is unfurled)

If the rise in number of terrorist activities around the world is taken into account, it should leave no doubt that the world is becoming a dangerous place. So taking cue from Dinkar, one should realize that singing paeans about the virtue of non-violence are only applicable to those, who could afflict violence if needed. A weaker party will almost always be crushed by the stronger foe. So non-violence as a virtue can only be practised by strong. Just to give an example- while Kashmiri Pandits might be proud of their heritage, non-violence and superior brains, the reality is that they were driven out of the valley by a superior foe. The apathy of GoI in dealing with KP exodus is sad but at the same time it drives home the lesson on importance for revival of Kshatriya spirit among Hindus, specially in the case of hostile state apparatus. If GoI or local state governments ignore Hindu protection, then according to the old Kshatriya traditions they should be able to take care of themselves.

The civilization which has given the world lessons on statecraft never shied away from the use of violence if needed for the establishment of Dharma. But the British rule and later the modern secular state has defanged and ridiculed the whole martial spirit and traditions of Bharat for their own benefit, for looting Bharat easier. The land where “Ayudh Puja” by the Kshatriyas has been a norm since time immemorial has been reduced to chanting non-violence in every sphere of life. The citizens have given up their weapons but the modern Indian state is very weak in protecting its weak and vulnerable, which is amply reflected by the lowest police to population ratio in the world. What makes it even worse is that in many cases the police can be biased and act on the directions of one or the other party, leaving no choice for common man but to protect himself.

jīmūtasyeva bhavati pratīkaṃ yadvarmī yāti samadāmupasthe

anāviddhayā tanvā jaya tvaṃ sa tvā varmaṇo mahimā pipartu

(The warrior’s look is like a thunderous rain cloud’s, when, armed with mail, he seeks the lap of battle. Be thou victorious with unwounded body: so let the thickness of thy mail protect thee) Rigveda 6.75.1

Given these problems of the modern Secular Indian state, it is very important for all individuals to not ignore the traditional Kshatriya spirit and prepare themselves for the worst times, in case they ever find themselves caught into spiral of violence, whether by state or non-state actors. Next time, Kasab style terrorists sneak in to slay fellow citizens, there should be well prepared individuals who can take on such barbarians in case the state forgets to fulfil its tasks.

Even otherwise, there are many benefits for revival of Kshatriya Dharma as it will help positively in personal and social life. There are three basic steps in the revival of Kshatriya spirits of the nation:

1) Individual level

There is no way one can revive Kshatriya spirit while being weak in mind and body. So the first step for those who plan to live the life of a true Kshatriya is to give up the lifestyle of sloth and slumber. The average middle-class Hindu these days can be identified with the potbelly he carries around with him. So first step is the most difficult step as it requires individual dedication and giving up on vices- most importantly to take out time for one’s body and spirit.

If you do not have time/money, you can start from working out at home or in a neighbourhood park. There are many training regimes on the internet you can consult. The most important point is to be not get stuck on the basic level but to keep working out and improve over time. If you can do 10 pushups, try to reach 50 in next six months. If you can do standard pushups with ease, then try out other difficult variations.

But working out alone requires strong motivation as well as dedication to the task. So, it is a good idea to join your neighbourhood gym and work with others, if it is difficult to work out alone. This is a good way to keep yourself motivated. If you wish to take it to a totally different level, it would make a lot of sense to join desi akharas or martial art or boxing classes. Learning these arts will not only improve your health but will also give renewed focus in other tasks. You should also join trekking clubs and if possible take survival training lessons in mountaineering courses offered by many institutes in the country. And don’t forget to send your kids to NCC where they can learn all the important skills and toughen up their body. In the rat race of over-doing each other economically, Indians have completely ignored the need to train their body for a longer and healthier lifestyle.

2) Social level

Once you are ready and fit as an individual, it is time to take it to the next level of self defence i.e. knowing those who live in and around you. While individual courage is very important but the role of support structure cannot be neglected in case of adversity. Humans have always survived as a tribe and have maintained stronger filial relations. In modern society, people often neglect the importance of having local support. Your local network is very important for personal well-being as you can easily call someone under emergency- like in case of being hospitalized etc. Since in modern societies, people hardly know their neighbours it leaves them open to vulnerability in case need arises.

Recently, a doctor was killed in Delhi by a Muslim mob in front of his family members. Such incidents cannot happen if one has strong local networks and  many such incidents can be avoided if one has a strong group of people to depend on, specially the family. Dr. Narang tried to call up police and got almost no help which should indicate how weak the secular state is. There are many incidents like this, which can potentially be avoided if you have a strong local network which can swing into action in case you are under distress. Police apathy, specially with regard to Hindu safety, is very common in Secular India and so one should be prepared to fend off attack on one’s life with the help of local network. If in the above incident the members of his colony had developed a strong network and loyalty to each other, this mishap could have been avoided. The jihadis openly courted by and pimped for by the AAP and Congress would not be so belligerent to kill a doctor in front of his own family.

The importance of local network thus cannot be over exaggerated. Join your local shakha or some other dedicated group of volunteers, who can support each other in time of need. As a RWA, you can also start local gym for the local members where you can meet and know others. The need is to develop emotional bond with others and stick to group loyalty in case of adversity or if a mob descends on your property.

3) Logistical level

While as an individual, you would not be able to hold back in the case of sustained enemy but it still makes total sense to be prepared for short face offs. The terrorists around the world carry modern guns and no network solidarity of people can save you in case of such attacks. So it makes logistical sense to arm yourself with guns or other weapons.

The Indian state is not only weak, but it also tries its best to disarm its citizens. Although the task is complicated but you can still acquire licensed guns for self-defence. So, don’t be shy because of the propaganda against the guns by non-violence nazis and apply for the gun license. It is not an easy task to acquire such license in India, so be ready to jump through various hoops to acquire one. As with other public services, knowing someone in the bureaucracy as well as other standard methods to get your job done, works in the case of acquiring gun license as well. So make some connection and carry handy cash, before you undertake this task.

Having logistics is important, but it is equally important to be good at using your stuff. Although there are few shooting ranges in India, but try to spend some time and money to learn the basics of shooting. Other than guns, you can also try to keep other handy tools like knifes and sticks in case need arises. Although, it is banned for normal citizens to carry knifes/swords in India, but you can use a loophole in the constitution for your benefit and convert to Sikhism. This will allow you to not only keep blades at home but also carry one with you if needed as carrying Kirpan is allowed for Sikhs. The obvious next step is to learn the martial art of Gatka and dedicate yourself to the Kshatriya tradition under the great Khalsa Panth. For the initiated one, there is no dearth of options.

Once you take care of all the above issues, you will become a useful resource not only for your immediate family but for the whole society. Being Kshatriya is a great responsibility and you should be happy to be able to walk on this path of Dharma.

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To summarize, let us again end with few words from Dinkar:

क्षमा शोभती उस भुजंग को
जिसके पास गरल है
उसका क्या जो दंतहीन
विषरहित विनीत सरल है

(Forgiveness is becoming of, The serpent that’s got venom, None cares for the toothless, Poison-less, kind, gentle one). Given the dangerous times we live in, revival of Kshatriya spirit is important not just for self protection but also to implement non-violence against enemies from the position of strength. It is weakness which begets violence and not strength.


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