The three type of Leftists

Leftism is an interesting phenomenon that goes a long way back in history. Jim’s blog has a nice post describing history since 1400 A.D as a series of leftist singularities.

Leftism is Phariseeism.  A leftist is supposedly holier than you are, and so you should obey him.  Leftists then compete each to be holier than the other, so Leftism’s religious roots are swiftly left behind, as leftism becomes ever more extreme.

I really like this characterizing of Leftism, it is succinct and consistent with the evolution of what is deemed socially acceptable in modern society. For instance, consider today’s mainstream acceptance of homosexuality. In Western society, such an acceptance would be unheard of 50 years ago. But leftists enforced their religious beliefs on the population through media and University, making it immoral to think of homosexuality as abnormal. Readers can convince themselves that there are many other “bigoted” notions our ancestors held which are accepted by mainstream society today.

Leftists drawing from the characterization are then religious zealots, who impose their worldview on the non-believer, the heathen who is blinded by the false gods of Capitalism and Family and must be brought into the light of the Lord our God Marx. Interacting with the zealot, you are sure to be met with disdain, contempt or a sense of superiority which seems completely unwarranted similar to the monotheist gazing upon the unwashed Yindoo. This leads me to classify them into three broad categories:

  1. The Evil
  2. The Hoodwinked; and
  3. The Moron

The Evil are aware of the designs of Leftism and what the ultimate society under Leftism would look like. It would probably look like Stalin or Mao who contributed to the death of 94 Million in the 20th century. They are aware that Leftism is a totalitarian ideology  and that it will be used to oppress a large number of people for the benefit of few elitists who will live like kings. Think along the lines of Animal Farm.

The Hoodwinked are intelligent people, who have to fix their metaphysics. They are typically the type who have opened themselves to rational thought but have accepted a number of metaphysics which are either incongruent with reality, or which require more nuance to be coherent. This is the salvageable sect of Leftism which may be return home to the ideas of their ancestors. Time spent on them may be wasteful, but ocassionally rewarding.

The Moron are the self-righteous charlatans who exhibit a variant of the Dunning-Kruger effect. They make no attempt to challenge the ideas they have been presented with, despite a minority of them being intelligent enough to do so. They adopt destructive customs without thought as to what the logical conclusions of those ideas lead them to. An example of this is the Indian feminist who believes in the right to abortion but laments female foeticide. You cannot reconcile the two ladies, no matter how hard you try. Leave the name of your favourite leftists and their type in comments.

I am not quite sure which are the more dangerous, the Moron or the Evil. Without the Moron the Evil have no troops, without the Evil the Moron do not become the Moron. It is my observation that the Moron outnumber the Evil, and in a system of democracy (mobocracy) this is helpful to further the leftist agenda. As you should know by now; Cthulhu swims left. Leave the name of your favourite leftists and their type in comments.