Has PM Modi discredited the whole cow protection movement

If you want to excel at running by the agenda of other people, you just have to learn the art of putting foot in the mouth from BJP. This time no one else, but the mascot of hardcore Hindutva before 2014 i.e. PM Modi has capitulated in front of the demands of Christlamists by denouncing those who try to protect cows under gross negligence of duty by the Indian state.

Yes, there have been instances of vigilantism, but cow protection is close to the heart of most un-deracinated Hindus, who still do not take pride in eating beef. We at Yuga Parivartan have already written detailed account on rise of vigilantism for cow protection, which has risen not due to increased Hindutva forces but state apathy towards cow protection after passing legislation for cow protection and being duty bound to uphold it.

There has been many sad accounts of poor cows facing evil fate due to social apathy, but it ignores the larger picture of huge number of cows who are well fed, protected and revered by many across this nation. Some cows do have to resort to eating polythene, but if a good estimate has to be made it has to be compared against the cruel treatment meted out to those cows which are illegally smuggled to slaughter houses under the watch of the government.


Sadly, while blaming the vigilantes PM Modi completely side-stepped the issue of cow smuggling. Why do you think in BJP ruled states people have to resort to cow vigilantism? If BJP governments were strict, there would hardly be any cases of vigilantism. Why does the BJP government never give a statement on shops run by Christlamists, who pay/bribe big NGOs to shut down old Hindu traditions like Jallikattu and temple elephants?

But let us get back to the bigger issue and ramifications of this statement. With a single statement-

1) PM has de-legitimized the whole movement to protect cows. Most GauRakshaks(80%) are now painted as extremist hooligans.

2) There was no mention of cow slaughter, so MSM is free to issue twist the statements and harass cow protectors. Next time Kancha Ilaiah will use PM’s statement to put all Hindus down!! MSM narrative of cow protectors being hooligans just got a shot in arm with 80% statement.

3) It will alienate the core Hindutva supporters of BJP

As a master politician, PM Modi should have understood these ramifications. It is important to underline that Modi is the same politician who refused to give any statements/interview about 2002 riots before the run up to 2014 elections. Had he raised the issue of plastics along with the illegal cow smuggling, it would still have been understandable and given some respite to those who fight against cow smugglers due to state negligence. Given some current attacks on dalits, PM could have made a statement on their safety and punish cow smugglers at the same time.

In any case, silence is golden. Have you ever heard a leftist disown Naxal cause? Or a Muslim disown Kashmir militants? Probably BJP and Modi need to learn a lot from their adversaries.

EDIT: After the speech, the tweets sent by PM as well as the clarification issued out today points towards the fact that PM Modi realised that his statements were far from clear on cow protection issue.

Clarification: Cow protection is important Hindu issue and does not directly translate into vigilantism. But for the latter to not happen, state governments should strictly enforce cow protection laws.