USA should change its name to United States of Barbaria

From Game of Thrones to McDonalds, there is unhealthy liking for the American culture among Indians and for all the wrong reasons. American culture, as they like to call it themselves is actually not a culture at all. Truth is that they are a bunch of barbarians with no history of their own and have to borrow their history from other barbarians like Anglo-Saxons, who themselves were barbarians and got civilised by Rome and now delude themselves as descendants of Rome, because without it their history before 500AD is that of barbarity, loot and rape unlike India which has had a long and continuous history of 5000 years at least, dating back to the Indus Valley Civilisation. History aside, even now there is no American culture or civilisation. Look at the points below and judge for yourself if you would like to call it a culture:

  1. The average bastard rate in USB40%
  2. The percentage of single mothers and divorce rates in USB – 50%
  3. US actually has one of the highest rape rates in the world– it has four times higher number of rapes than India despite having four times lower population. What can one expect but crime and rape from a country of uncivilized barbarians? And despite that, they go around parading that they have no rape problem while lecturing Indian society which is 2000% safer for women on how to protect its women.
  4. Land of prisoners- highest incarceration rate in the world while India has the lowest and also lowest crime figures.
  5. Average obesity levels of 33% i.e. unhealthy general population
Incarceration rates around the world: Per 100,000 population

Given the above statistics, it becomes difficult to define American culture. Is it the culture of highest rapes in the world? Or is it the highest obesity rate in the world? Or is it great due to the highest number of single mothers in the world or by the highest number of bastards in the world? Or due to the highest number of prisoners in the world?

But don’t fault an average American for all this. Being an Anglo-Saxon barbarian, as opposed to being a descendant of living civilisation like India, their society was expected to be barbarian. Faulting them for being barbaric uncultured bastards with highest rapes in the world is like faulting an animal for being an animal. Does someone fault a rabid dog for biting? Is a dog conscious of being a rabid dog? Of course not. It is just its nature and illness. But as civilized human beings, one should keep clear of a rabid dog.

Being born without a history or father or culture or anything other than money like the USB, is not in their hands. Hence mocking them is wrong and bad. Indians should keep it in mind whenever they think if America’s bastard rate, single mothers, rape crisis or lack of actual history or civilisation. Also, do remember that no body chastises a pig for eating shit and hence one should not castigate the Americans for the ills afflicting their society. But on the other hand, Indians should think several times before they try to emulate the society of bastards and their glorious culture (or lack of it) with haste.

The funniest thing about Americans is this- being a history less bastard descendants of Anglo-Saxon barbarians, the ingenious way they try to have a history is by claiming to be western “civilization”, i.e. descendants of Rome and Greece, even though neither had anything to do with Anglo-Saxon barbarians as per real history. To demonstrate how pathetic this claim is, just to give an analogy, imagine a person claiming that his neighbour is his father/dad just because his own father is poor or absent. That is how the Americans claim to be descendants of Rome/Greece is, as they claim that they are the western civilization and culture since they themselves don’t have any culture or history of their own, except that of killing, slavery, loot and plunder. For Indians, this paragraph would probably appear to be the most insulting to Americans in the whole post. But one has to doubt if an average American Joe would understand the gravity of insult in this paragraph as being a bastard and claiming other men as their own fathers because of their own illegitimacy, is probably not a big deal in USB i.e. the country of bastards. So it might be that this insult might fly right past and unnoticed by an average American.

To hide their insecurities and rotten society, this wannabe civilisation and culture resorts to blaming Indians and highlight non-issues while hiding their own problems. The hypocrisy of American stance in most of these cases is like of those parents of a failed high school kid, who chastise their neighbours on low marks of their kid in post graduate course to hide failure of their own offspring. Any sane person would suggest such parents to focus on their own failed high school kid rather than make an issue out of the neighbour’s kid.

Indians are a living civilization with glorious past and self correction over time. It is the biggest insult to take advice from such barbarians, who not only don’t have any culture but also don’t have any religion of their own. For all their barbarity, Arabs can at least claim to have their own culture and religion while most Americans worship a dead middle-eastern Jew from Asia (not even Roman Gods) while at the same time trying to be a cheap knock off of the Roman empire and ancient Greece. For instance, when Americans talk about caste system in India, they completely forget that they are  a society of bastards (literally) which had legalized slavery till 19th century. On top, it is the only country in the world which had to fight a civil war to abolish this inhuman practice of slavery and still did not give full civil rights to blacks till 1970s, almost 100 years after fighting the civil war for freeing black! Now imagine the gall of the same uncivilized people lecturing the world on human rights when they themselves suppressed the rights of their own population till a few decades ago.

But as argued before, it is not their fault that they don’t realize how pathetic their society is. After all a dog does not know that its wrong to bark at the sun nor does a pig know that eating crap is unhygienic. So living like animals like the Americans do now is also not their fault, its just what a culture (epitomized by current Hollywood) of drugs, single mothers, bastards, illegitimate claims of being descendants of a civilization or illegitimate claims of having a culture in the first place will look like. So Indians should not be insensitive to them and mock them for what they are. It is just in their genes. But Indians can still debate on how to call USB- United State of Barbaria or United States of Bastards?