Celebrate Independence day and send Rakhi to soldiers

Some people never miss a chance to bring misfortune and the media cabal is best at playing spoilsport on every glorious occasion. NDTV has again done what it does best i.e. undermine national pride and this time it is about Independence day. One of the debates hosted on the channel lamented about giants flags and Rakhi on this occasion:


Probably the channel is miffed at how GoI can come up with a plan to celebrate Independence day and club it with Hindu festival of Rakhi. When thug news channels like NDTV start attacking symbolic celebrations, it means they have gone bankrupt with both content and morality or they are up to greater plan of sowing seeds of despondency in the name of alternative expression of speech or just for the heck of paddling their good for nothing Leftist garbage. Leftists don’t celebrate Hindu festivals, always question and curse Hindu beliefs but never forget to wish Eid and Christmas to everyone. But this time they have taken their hatred for PM Modi even further by questioning even the Independence Day celebrations. By the way, the same journalists cry hoarse about being dumped by PM Modi on foreign junkets. Why does their money saving prowess go on a hike when their own matters are concerned? Why cry about missed Lutyens parties and free flights to foreign countries?

But somehow showing faith in our soldiers and showering them with love through sending Rakhi is objectionable to the presstitutes. For most of the nation these ostentatious celebrations are conventions but they are nevertheless important for continuity and faith in our nation. Also, it has more valuable meaning for people who are directly involved in these celebrations. Is there a better way to show our gratitude for the soldiers who fight and sacrifice their lives for us?

So, what should you do for the Independence day this year? Here is what we would suggest:

1) Ignore the leftist trolls for a day. Make them jealous by posting pics with the tri-color

2) Spend quality time with your family and throw a feast

3) Show your gratitude to soldiers and send a rakhi or tie one yourself if you live close to cantonment

4) Read about the sacrifices made by the bravehearts for and after independence to keep their spirit alive. They are our true heroes.