Muslim evolutionary strategy vs Hindu Prisoner’s Dilemma

The world belongs to those who show up.

The above quote delivers the hard hitting message of importance of demography in as few words as possible. If your offsprings do not show up, then they would definitely not rule the world. Demography moves very slow and hence most people do not see the impeding crisis before it hits them hard, which is one of the reasons that Yuga Parivartan repeatedly carries articles on importance of maintaining demographic superiority for survival of Hindus. Given the current environment this always boils down to suggesting Hindus on taking the lead and maintaining decent TFR to counter high Muslim fertility. Are there other policies which can work? Probably, but only to certain extent. Still the most robust among all of them is for Hindus to have enough kids. Does this mean they have to breed like rats and change their evolutionary strategy of raising quality kids?

One has to look at operation of Jihad doctrine closely to realize what Hindus are up against. The basic strategy works in the following way:

1) Create resource crunch

2) Cry victimhood and blame the rest

3) Organize and fight

How do you go and create resource crunch? A good way to create resource crunch is to have enough offspring who all will demand out of some fixed resource thereby creating scarcity. Although modern science has taken care of basic needs but it still does not solve scarcity problems on an individual level, specially for societies with low human capital and preference for doleouts. The vehement opposition of birth control by Muslims thus comes handy in creating resource crunch by having large population size. This strategy is used when Muslims are a minority and they rapidly breed to overwhelm the opposition.

In evolutionary sense, humans like other large species are K-selected because they produce fewer offsprings and trade quality for quantity. K-selected species are usually larger and live in stable environments and hence need fewer offspring to ensure that they pass on their genes to future generations. Number of offsprings is also restricted by the energy requirement for producing each individual, which you can also think of as pregnancy length. On the other hand, the r-selected species are small in size and produce large number of offsprings, which are cheap to manufacture, so as to survive unstable environments. So, r-selected organisms produce large number of individuals which also die off in large numbers and in the end the population size is governed by carrying capacity (resource constraint) of the environment. For example, frogs have a large number of offsprings and many die before maturing due to resource crunch as dictated by the pond they live in.


In an extreme sense, Muslims are turning K-selection of humans on its head. While the biological restrictions still remain the same as for any K-selected species but the strategic game played by Muslims has increasingly become r-selected, where focus is completely on quantity rather than quality. So an average Muslim will produce larger number of offspring and engage in lower parental investment. Although Muslim women still take nine months during pregnancy like everyone else, but post birth investment is low. Average Muslim matures early because he has to support himself as well as his family and find some job. While his Hindu counterpart will waste time till early 20s earning various degrees, a Muslim will find the easiest employment for supporting himself and his family. The nature of job is unimportant as long as it brings some money and help building his own new nest and the cycle continues. This also gets reflected in lower average life expectancy of a Muslim compared to others.

Given biological constraints, this is the closest any large mammal can get to r-selection. The unstudied part of this evolutionary strategy is that this mechanism in case of Muslims is employed to generate resource crunch deliberately. Unlike frogs where r-selection is chosen by nature, Muslim strategy is a well thought out process. So, while Hindus might still believe in quality over quantity argument but it would not work since Muslims will push the environment towards resource constraint by increasingly building up a larger population. So, does Hindus have any other option than what some claim as breeding like rats?

To understand the possible strategies for Hindus, one has to go back to the 60s and look at it in the context of arms race between US and USSR. It can also be reformulated in terms of well studied game theory concept called prisoner’s dilemma. The goal of Muslims is to achieve demographic superiority, just like US/USSR had to achieve nuclear dominance over the other power.

Prisoner’s dilemma comes from the simple game with two players (convicts) and two options (actions). In the case of nuclear arms race, the two players are Nation A and B, which can exercise the options of Arm or Disarm. Since there are two options for each nation, it generates four cases. For each case, the payoff for A is in green, while for B in blue. In case both decide to Disarm, both get a payoff of 3 each, while if they single-handedly defect and build up an arsenal they get 4. If A knows that B will play Disarm, it is always optimal for A to arm itself and get 4 and reduce the payoff of B to 1. Since Arm is a dominating strategy (when one player plays Disarm, it is always beneficial for other to play Arm) , the two players who know this game will always choose to Arm instead of Disarm and get lower payoff of 2 each, instead of cooperative payoff of 3 each, in case each had decided to Disarm. This decreased payoff can be thought of as the investment needed in maintenance of nuclear stockpile.

The same example can be extended to the Hindu-Muslim demographic situation and replace options of Arm/Disarm with Have 5 kids/Not have 5 kids. Each religion is better off by having fewer kids and focus on quality of children, but having more kids gives chance of dominating the culture and wiping off the enemy. So, if one side is known to have preference for having 5 kids, the other has no option but to resort to lower payoff and have more kids. This is a prisoner’s dilemma style situation where both the players choose sub-optimal action. Understanding this basic game explains why US/USSR rationally decided to stockpile nuclear arsenal.

Although some caveats need to be mentioned for the demographic case. Firstly, Hindus have a majority right now and have all the reasons to maintain demographic surplus. If they loose demographic surplus, they would open India up to become next Pakistan. The game of prisoner’s dilemma still holds true even if one side has current advantage. Secondly, the propaganda against population has driven Hindus to become IQ shredders and this is an extreme case even for prisoner dilemma game. The “No child” or “1 child” option is below the replacement fertility level of 2.1 children/woman. Technically speaking 1 child preference, specially in south and urban areas, is not a great outcome even if there were no Muslims in the picture and there was no prisoner’s dilemma. So it is important for the average Hindu to reproduce at slightly above replacement i.e. 3 kids instead of 5 but 5 is the ideal given Muslim problem.

Hindus, while still in majority, already find themselves in a soup due to diversity in beliefs and traditions and mutually non-aligned interests. One could easily imagine the problems that they will have to face once they lose the only advantage they have right now, which is demography. The way US-USSR found themselves in confrontation with one another and lack of options other than stockpiling nuclear arsenal, Hindus too are caught up in this mad race, the only difference being the impact of demography are too slow to alarm and too difficult to reverse once set in motion. So while US-USSR stockpiled nukes, Hindus are still smug in their majority. The example of Assam serves as a useful example to understand how unchecked immigration of Bengali Muslims from 100 years ago have come to haunt the Brahmaputra Valley now and will continue to do so in the future. A demographic prisoner’s dilemma is played out in front of everyone’s eyes but Hindus do not seem to understand its manifestations. Also, if Muslims have decided to act like r-selected species, they are also more than happy to live in unstable environment and survive purely on the basis of higher fertility. The K-selected species of Hindus, unless they re-evaluate their strategy, will find it hard to survive given their pining for stable environment. Other than matching Muslim fertility trends, nothing less than revamping the whole constitution and putting explicit ban on Muslim fertility can change current demographic trends. Being stuck in a prisoner’s dilemma is not optimal, but this is where Hindus stand today and the modern Indian state cannot in any way stop the r-selection strategy adopted by the Muslims.


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