Mohenjo Daro- Ashdoc’s movie review

The real cracker of the movie Mohenjo daro comes in the ending. Instead of being destroyed by waves of Aryans from south Russia and central Asia (as the leftist historians claim), the great civilization of Mohenjodaro is drowned in a great flood that sweeps water from the river Sindhu (Indus) onto the cities. So the Aryans (who intermingled with Dravidians to form hindu civilization) were not the villains who destroyed the great Indus valley civilization!! How the movie must be biting the leftists!! Instead the Indus valley people themselves cross the flooding river Sindhu by a bridge of boats (a spectacularly photographed scene) and push east to create a new settlement on the banks of the Ganga- the beginnings of Hindu civilization. Needless to say, that is what must have exactly happened. But I could see the leftist critics getting angrier and angrier as they saw the movie, which casts aside their carefully built version of history which paints Aryans killing Dravidians. Furthermore, the leader of the Indus valley people (Hrithik Roshan) uses a trishul (trident) to fight his enemies!! The same trishul which is weapon of Hindu God Shiva!! Perfidy!! Now I know why the leftist critics have been howling against the movie, which is better than they claim.

The movie is the story of Hrithik living in a village far from the great city of Mohenjo Daro, but always feeling that his destiny is in the city. And him having visions of a one horned animal that is emblem of the city. Of him marching to the city and falling in love with the daughter (Pooja Hegde) of the city’s priest and she responding to his overtures. Of him then coming to a clash with Kabir Bedi and Arunoday Singh, who control the city with great tyranny. They have built a dam that diverts the water of the Sindhu river , so that gold can be excavated. As Hrithik fights and wins against the evil duo, powerful rains bring a huge flood on the river Sindhu-a flood that will overflow the dam and swamp the Indus valley civilization. It is upto Hrithik to lead his people (for he is son of their former leader who was killed by Bedi) to safety.

The fight sequence of Hrithik with the crocodile is good to see when above the water, but it’s special effects are not great underwater. Better executed is Hrithik’s fight with two huge ferocious cannibals using the trishul. The city of Mohenjodaro is shown authentically and looks awe inspiring. It is divided into the lower city for poorer people and upper city for the affluent. The upper city is more elegant. Photography of the city is really nice. It trades with the Tajiks of central Asia, who bring horses, and the civilization of Sumer .

Hrithik looks bronzed in the film, and Pooja Hegde looks fair. Kabir Bedi looks every inch an ambitious tyrant, while Arunoday lusts for Pooja. The clothes of the people and the dances all look good. The truly ancient era of India has been well created by the makers. Music is decent and songs are hummable. The film is a little long but I was never bored watching it. Acting is ok by everyone .


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    I was looking forward to this movie…until….

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      I dunno if you have seen the movie obviously RM has deconstructed it very well so there is very little I can add but yes the story line did seem to be based on the same Marxist Proletariat vs Bourgeoisie (Dialectical materialism) the class struggle where the ruler has to be a tyrant and requires a Hrithik Roshan and common people to over throw Kabir Bedi..also i dunno if you noticed Kabir Bedi got a Krishi neta murdered again similar to Hindi movies of the 70s where the Union leader is murdered by the Mill Maalik…there is so much symbolisms etc which SRM has discussed about how they look up towards the Meccan and the heroes friend literally euologises the foreigners describing their ships unlike anyother in the world…also aspects about Feminism that woman were supposed to marry whom they were told to and had very litlle or no say at all etc etc.I actually scrutinised the whole movie scene by scene and RM is right that its not so innocent as in the background certain symbolisms etc do follow the narrative which run contrary to the actual findings.Even the mention of word Ganga as in Hrithik says that its Ganga hence the name Ganga what rubbish!!! you do this to christianity and Islam and Article 25 and Hate speech and what not would be evoked to muzzle you down.

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        I have not seen the movie, wanted to, but could not. Then listening to RM I thought it would have been an excruciating experience. So did not go. but was asked to watch this movie by someone…..and it has some similar concepts. Although it is funny from a different perspective if you watch it in the context I told to consider. The Emergency. I have not watched all of it yet, but enjoyed whatever I have watched.

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        From what I saw in the trailers what women wore was more greek than Indian. swarajya did this story on how people dressed…
        the sad part is that unilike about 30-40 years ago when actors were more well versed in their traditions, than are today, so Roshan has no issue doing what his director says. These huge movies than perpetuate further lies, because today, not many people read. my friends included.