Equal rights is fine but what about unequal fights?

What happens when you rob a man of his dignity and his life? Someone someday will take a drastic step, lose his mind and go on a killing spree. After all, if you ruin a man’s life to the point where there is nothing left to live for, well, he can surely take a few lives with him as revenge. One must not take so much advantage of someone just because one isn’t saying anything. We are talking about men in current India to make you realize that it is not far from truth. What has brought about this sad state of affairs? Short sightedness of legislature and judiciary. To give an example-

Rohit is a psychiatrist and runs a suicide prevention help line. He got a call from one guy in jail and went to meet him. He told that his wife registered a case on him for divorce and maintenance. So the judge fixed an amount but the total income of the guy is less than the amount payable in maintenance. Since he could not afford to pay it now he is jailed for not paying the maintenance. Not surprisingly, he is now contemplating suicide.

Such cases as reported by Rohit are widespread but do not get enough coverage and get drowned in the feminist hysteria, except generating some coverage on inside pages of local newspapers, where no one bothers to pay heed.

What is the solution out of this mess? With changing times, men must update their attitude about relationships and marriages and see it the way women see it- a contract made for self interest. Currently, once someone’s marriage gets fixed he starts building air castles about what will happen on honeymoon, while the girl’s family starts doing financial calculation about how their daughter gets upward social/economic mobility just by marrying (female hypergamy).

The popular narrative tells men that dowry is evil but is silent on how women (and their families) hunt grooms? They roam with calculators in their hand! The primary motivating factors for them are “Mumbai/Delhi mein khudka ghar hai? (Does the man own an apartment)”, “1BHK/2BHK?”, “does the groom have any other claimants on the property, like brother?”, “ladka kitna kamata hai?(How much does the boy earn?)” etc. The institution of arranged marriage is nothing but legalized prostitution these days where parents sell their daughter to the highest bidder and have the guts to lecture ‘society’ that dowry is evil. What is this mythical ‘society’ they keep ranting about? Aren’t women a part of the same society?

Compare their cold and calculating attitude to the callous attitude of men while hunting for wives, all they see is “ladki dikhne mein theek hai? Ok, kardo shadi (Is the girl decent looking? Ok, lets marry)”. Anyway it’s inappropriate for the guy to lay claim on the girl’s property, neither socially nor legally. It is impossible to get her property even after her parents die, or if you divorce and become jobless and she has job, she never has to pay maintenance. The feminazis failed to get it legislated but the next bill will give claim to wife on husband’s inherited property post divorce. So basically the onus of a failed relationship and its economic implications are put squarely on the man, while the woman has ZERO liability in such an alliance. Go big or go home but no loss. When a girl’s family says that they got a good groom, what they mean is they found a wealthy groom, so if X is better than Y then it can be proved with objective data that X has more money than Y. Can a guy do similar calculations? What does he mean when X bride is better than Y bride? Do men even have objective parameters to judge on a scale of ‘better’? They consider themselves lucky just because someone is marrying them.

Men must start exploring proper options like pre-nuptials, hiring detective to see if there are any other Feminazis in the girl’s family who have given divorce to their husband and stolen 50% of his property. ANY red flag, ANY, just say no. It’s time men start thinking with their heads. No one goes to buy a new car and think “what are my insurance options if this new car gets into an accident” because we are all wishful thinkers and assume the best possible scenario, but when the accident happens, they realize that in their happiness to buy a new car they didn’t read the fine print and cannot claim any respite once an accident takes place. It is the same callous attitude men in India have towards marriage. No one realistically thinks about bad scenarios at the time of marriage- what if this doesn’t work out? What are my legal/economic liabilities? What is my plan B?

Men need to start becoming more cunning. The world is a scary place filled with vultures who want to take everything that you have (the very reason they made any association with you is because of what you HAVE, not because of who you are) so once you stop having what you have (by losing a job/business/accident/disease) then the same girl who thought it made sense to be with you earlier makes the calculation that it doesn’t make sense to be with you now. It is these ‘sensible’ people who are the most poisonous and we keep hunting for demons under our beds.

The idea of marriage was offered to men¬†under the premise that after evaluating the pros and cons, it had a net positive effect on everyone. Steadily, over the years the dividends which men receive from this institution has eroded and it is increasingly becoming a liability. It used to be a package deal where you got companionship, children, sex, and a friend to grow old with, but now with the new laws and corporate lifestyle, all of that has been jeopardized. There’s no companionship as the husband and wife work in different offices and hardly see each other daily, sex is non-existent (or as per the whims of the lady, and now that they are clamouring to introduce marital rape bill, more fake rape cases will ensue to blackmail husbands). Kids? Well, once there is a divorce, the court take away the kids and gives them to the wife! And old age? You will spend old age as an old man filled with regrets, no companionship, no kids, no retirement pension, paying maintenance to your wife. Where is the benefit to men to get into such a one sided arrangement where the onus of a failed relationship is completely on one gender?

Now a days, if you are an upper middle class man, the fact that you marry only means that you have pledged your wealth to a stranger unilaterally where she has no reciprocal obligations whatsoever. The concept of household chores is non-existent as there are washing machines and house maids. So even if the wife is a house wife, her status is that of a highly pampered house cat. She adds no value to the alliance in any way compared to what she gets to legally claim in return (your entire property). Going out and marrying is like going to the mall and buying trouble with your hard earned money.

On the other hand, the women, by marrying, immediately become legally entitled to lay claim on the husband’s property and immediately achieve social/economic mobility. The husband’s real estate is multiple times of what she would earn from her job anyway. It’s the woman who gets everything in a conventional marriage scenario and no matter how shrill the Feminists are, they aren’t ready to forfeit this benefit of caricaturing the man in the role of a provider. The more he is capable of providing, the better man he is considered. How come no Feminists are crying objectification now?One just needs to look at west to realize how a failed marriage society will look like. They have disintegrated this ‘package deal’ that marriage offers and relegated each of its constituent elements to different sources. There, when the men want companionship? They join hobby clubs and meet like minded people. When they want intellectual conversations, they talk to people in their office or on the internet. They want sex?, They arrange it yourself through ‘various means’ including pick up artistry (free casual pump and dump sex which oddly is opposed by their own feminist) and fuck a new girl each weekend. when they want to have the feeling of fulfilment of raising a child?¬† They adopt an orphan or 10 and sponsor their education. When they want safety and security in retirement? They buy a house at a prime area from all the money saved and lead a comfortable life, which arguably is a way better choice there since their chances of good old age life is better if they are single and unmarried and hence not screwed by their legal system where they get robbed of their properties and earnings in the name of divorces and maintainance. Even the hospitals have become like 5-start hotels. If you are sick in old age and pay them enough, they will keep you like a king till you die. Men there don’t need a wife or kids for that (or they will still have 10 adopted kids who might help them in old age). The laws pushed down the throat of men in their feminazi society has ensured that the above combination is FAR better than the prospect of marrying a woman in 20s, and then have a sexless bitter life with a false marital rape case filed against them once their wife lose interest in them, while their house and money and kids are taken away while leading the life of a single uncle and waiting to die and nothing to look forward to!

The above scenario is well exemplified by the movements like PUA and MGTOW in the west. Their society is already at a point where majority men don’t marry and leave their women (even the normal non-feminist feminine women) stranded with a cat with their shrinking ovaries with nothing to look forward to except cat piss in their future. While men are learning to cope up with anti-men society, it is actually the women who end up as sore losers and cat ladies in the end. Since men no longer want to marry feminazis, the shrill feminazis then raked up the old patriarchal quote and ask men “To Man Up”. The irony is that despite all these impediments that men face, it is the women who keep claiming perpetual victim hood.

The above decadent situation which is prevalent in west today, has reached the current decadent state wasn’t reached overnight and was reached by decades of unopposed march by feminism and mindless women pampering by their politicians and judiciary which thought men had no issues in marital life and only women had issues and pampered their women without thinking through the consequences for their actions. While not every women might have supported feminism or “women’s rights” march and the laws screwing the men there, they inevitably let their feminist crazy sisters to shout over the rooftop and let the laws screw their men. Now it is the same women, who might not even be feminists themselves but are made to pay the price for such anti-male laws there with singledom, cat piss and dog shit. Feminists who pushed for such laws are actually happy for it since why would an already lesbian, anti-male and all sex is rape hippy care that other normal women are getting left alone without companionship?

This is not to say that women don’t face atrocities in India. Many women in rural areas are getting physically abused and killed by their in-laws, but that sample set has no connection to the modern urban educated woman working in a corporate job. Urban Feminazis appropriating victim-hood on the behalf of their rural counterparts whom they have never even met and claiming more and more concessions is nothing but crude opportunism. It’s like Anil ambani saying “my driver didn’t have breakfast today so I must eat 2 extra burgers on his behalf to compensate for it”.

So the only advice to men and their sisters and mothers is to avoid the dynamite of failed marriage by properly filtering out any signs of feminism when they look for a bride. Unless the Indian society wakes up to this challenge, it too will end up with failed marriages and unhappy cat ladies like in the west, while men look the other side and ignore them. This will be especially true for women in India as well. The price for feminism and it’s cat ladies of the west is paid for by both feminist and non-feminists alike in the west. The percentage of women who identify as feminists is at an all time low of 27% in USA and still the percentage of women who manage to get a husband is only 30-40%. This is why women against feminism is gaining ground there. But it is a step too late and too little. Their society is already dying and their women are already miserable. Women of India should women up and stand up to the braindead white wannabe Indian feminazis, for if they don’t stand up to this judicial trampling of men by courts and society on the advice of white wannabe feminists, it is not just their brothers and sons who are going to be destroyed, but their own lives along with their sisters and daughters as well. It is about time Indians stop this blond white wannabeness and start learning from the mistakes the dying and decadent west made.