Why Western “civilization” is not a civilization, let alone a superior one

There is so much propaganda on the internet, movies (specially Hollywood, but sometimes in Bollywood and other local Indian film industries as well), press (most of the national press especially the ones run in English language) about how Western “civilisation” is superior and how they civilised the whole world. This is specially true among the conservatives and the StormFront type white nationalists/superiority advocates, and they use this notion to justify the hundreds of millions their countries slaughtered, looted and starved. For instance the British barbarians today, typically justify their barbaric looting along the lines of “We gave India the science and technology, rail roads etc and hence our looting and starvation of hundreds of millions of Indians is OK”, even though it is pathetically false through and through as shown in this article Myth of British helping India. This propaganda is so pathetic that modern day “rationalists” like Sam Harris claim that western interventions today is Ok since western civilization and way of life is superior and interventions are a way of bringing said civilisation to the rest of the world. For instance Sam Harris even remarked how British and Portuguese helped end Sati in India, partially justifying millions of people that Portuguese genocided in Goa with their Goan inquisition and hundreds of millions the British barbarians starved to death during their loot, even though the truth is that Sati was banned by both Sikhs and Marathas, long before the British did it in their respect areas and was a practiced in areas where Indians/Hindus were not in power like Bengal as a self defence against Muslim barbarians. In fact, Hindu voice against Sati is much older and it is prohibited even in the Vedas, as shown here by Koenraad Elst.  As one can see, this argument of western civilisation being superior is often used as a justification to intervene and destroy other countries, much like USA spreading democracy in Iraq.

So it is imperative to understand the term “western civilization” for what it is to safeguard our civilization from the looting barbarians today. In the past, several non western publications poked holes in the notions of western superiority to show Westerners a mirror whenever they started denigrating others. But for some reason, that seems to be lost today because of the shameless western wannabeness among the middle class Indians and Indian elites, because of their colonised minds. Their media, much like Indian media, never shows the actual face of the Western countries or their barbaric societies and hence Indians have a very rosy view of the west, far removed from reality. This is a recent phenomenon though, as many in the past used to point out west for it what it is to their face before, much like what Mahatma Gandhi said about Western “civilisation”. When asked about it, he famously quipped that “It would be a good idea”, meaning if west had a civilisation, it would be a good idea. So Indians need to know what a shallow soulless garbage western “civilisation” is to counter both the Strom front and Brietbart type of white supremacists on the internet and to prevent the inevitable decay of our civilisation if we ever follow the western “civilisational” model.

Western Civilisation is not a civilisation

The most pathetic claim about the notion of Western Civilisation is that western countries are civilisation to begin with. So what do they actually mean by the term western civilisation? The term Western civilisation refers to the descendants of the “Western half of the Roman empire and its descendants” while the Eastern Roman empire or the Byzantium Empire is traditionally called the Eastern Roman empire. This is where the term comes from. But how legitimate is the claim that western civilisation is the descendants of the Western Roman empire? As one will shortly see, not very much.

The majority of the claimants of western civilisation are not actual descendants of the Western Roman empire to begin with. For example, the flag bearers of supposed western civilisation today, United Kingdom, Germany, and its descendants in United States and Anglosphere, the Anglo Saxons are not actually descendants of Roman civilisation or culture and are just barbaric Anglo Saxon tribes (as referenced during Roman period) which robbed and looted and eventually settled in present day England, Germany. They are not Romans, but rather the barbaric tribes which scavenged the corpse of the dying and decaying Roman empire and carved their own respected societies in modern day Britain and Germany. Then of course, the Britain got invaded and conquered by the Scandinavians, who themselves were barbaric Vikings (and one can even now see association of Americans to Vikings to relate their history and ancestry today) in the 6-7th century well after the fall of the Roman empire to warring barbaric hordes. Similarly, the French today are the descendants of Frankish tribes which carved out their own kingdom in France or Gaul, as known in Roman empire. These are the same people which then went onto settle in USA, Canada and Australia. They have little or nothing to do with the Roman civilisation. The same is true for most other European countries as well. Their claims of being western civilisation is their pathetic attempt at trying to forge a history of civilization pre-dating their colonial era of barbarity and looting, which isn’t filled with barbarity and hunter gathering tribes as was the case with most of their histories. They attempt to paint themselves as the Western civilization because without that illegitimate claim, their actual history is nothing but that of barbarity, loot and rapes, unlike a civilizational country like India, China or even Persia/Iran.

These claims of being descendants of western civilisation by the Anglo Saxon west or indeed the majority of west is of course as legitimate as that of a poor fatherless bastard claiming his successful rich neighbour as his own dad to make up for the fact that he doesn’t have a dad or that he is an illegitimate bastard. Hence, the term western civilisation is by itself is an illegitimate and pathetic one and a more apt description would be to call them as modern nation states without any actual history. The truth is, most of them actually know it deep down, specially in the colonial countries like Canada, Australia and USA. They often make up for their lack of legitimate history or civilisation with artificial stories of greatness and of course trying to downplay the achievements of actual civilisations like Bharatiya or Chinese civilization through their communist coolies and sepoys here through their use of deliberately corrupted Indology and with attempts to rename Indian subcontinent as South Asia, for example.

Of course, there is no actual western civilisation today as not even Italians can claim Roman heritage today. Rome is dead so are its customs and languages. While Shri Rama still enlightens the heart of any true Bhartiya today, does Jupiter generate any veneration in the hearts of Italians? The Roman civilization died the moment it adopted the worship of the bastard Jew from Bethlehem (ironically situated in Arabia/Asia). The original Roman culture or the western culture of worshipping Jupiter or Juno is long dead and what is present is a cheap Abrahamic culture which masquerades as a descendant of the Roman culture since facing the reality of lack of any history or culture on their own is embarrassing. This is especially hilarious when seen in the context of Scandinavia which had nothing whatsoever to do with “Western Civilisation” or Roman Empire,not even in the slightest, and still gets lumped together to cite western countries. Ironically, even the camel banging Bedouins of Saudi Arabia or other barbaric Islamic nations can at the very least claim a religion and culture of their very own unlike Europeans who resort to worshipping an Asian Jew/Semite while calling themselves “superior culture or civilisation”.

Why Western superiority is a Myth

The second problem with assertion of western civilizational superiority is of course the very assertion that the western society is superior in the first place. The truth of the matter is that, the supposed western superiority these people talk about is a very recent and a transient phenomenon borne out of looting, pillage and genocide against actual civilisations and not really their own achievement. This is evident from the fact that the only period of time where the supposedly superior west even had an edge over proper civilisations of Asia, i.e. during the 18-20th century is also the time they looted and raided the Asian civilisations to enrich their pathetic decadent societies. As soon as the decolonisation, caused primarily by Hitler’s breaking of colonial empires backs, an inter-barbarian civil war among the European barbarians, made them too weak to hold onto their colonies, they descended back into their historical role in the world- playing second fiddle to Asian civilisations

Ever since the loss of their colonies, western countries like UK, Germany, French etc, is back to their barbaric and decadent ways of mediocrity and are today once again back to being the second fiddles to Asian countries and proper civilizations, like India, China, Japan or South East Asia or is in the process of losing out to the above like USA, which is on its decline. This is not anything new to known Human history of 8000 years. Indians and Chinese were living in large cities in Indus Valley and Yangtze river by 3000BCE, when the Scandinavians, Britons, French were still hunter gathering barbarians even in 7th century. Asia was the centre of arts, culture, science, philosophy, religion for most of Human history. India was the centre of the world for religion, arts, culture, science and philosophy, having also taught the other South East Asian countries like, Japanese and Chinese. The supposed western rise of the 18th century was due to western conquest and genocide of four continents – the two Americas, Africas and Australia- and not because of their greatness. Even many of the technologies used for these conquests were copied from the East in the initial phase of colonization.

Of course one could argue that the conquest of proper civilisation like Indians, Chinese or South East Asia was only possible because of western superiority but that is a nonsensical argument. Superior army tactics doesn’t equate to being a superior civilisation. Nobody in their right mind calls the Gengiz khan and his horde of Mongolian horse back raiding barbaric thugs as a superior civilisation just because they managed to conquer China, Persia, Europe(Russia) and Central Asia. We just call them barbarians with superior military tactics who destroyed the civilised world for their own profit. Similarly,the western colonialists which conquered the proper civilisations like India, South East Asia or China are not superior civilizations but rather just barbaric thugs with better military tactics and they looted, plundered and killed hundreds of millions, sometimes even in the name of the bloodthirsty psychopathic monotheistic God for filling their treasury. If western barbarians are to be considered superior civilization because they conquered others, then so should be the Mongolian barbarians under Gengiz Khan. In short, military strength is not what demonstrates the superiority of a civilisation and the only superiority west had was that, else everything it acquired was by looting others and preventing others from developing. Also, European military superiority is a 200-300 year glitch in 8000+ years of written civilization, where Asians dominated the world and are on the way to dominate it again.

Asia had the largest GDP, had the better science (Indians and Chinese had Heliocentrism for 4000 years, while Europe was still persecuting Galileo for heliocentric theories in 16th century), better religions (Europeans or west doesn’t have a religion of their own and worship an Asian Jew), better societies with even caste ridden India was a much better place for the lower castes than the peasant life (peasant castes as opposed to Nobility caste of Europe) in Europe during the 15-18th century (peasant revolutions were unheard of in medieval India while extremely common in Europe due to exploitative systems employed there) before industrialisation in Europe destroyed the caste structure there, which was denied to India during her colonial rule and hence the persisting caste problems (since India was robbed for 200 years of industrialisation and the subsequent societal growth), better livelihood, better sanitation , better philosophy (of building your own country rather than loot and destroy other countries and steal their resources like the European barbarians did at that time). The European spike in living standards during the 18th century was a result of conquest by military and not because of ideas or superiority of culture. Even industrial revolution was brought by the mass production of rifles for the military at the time in the Britain.

So, when this conquest and looting of others stopped, so did the momentary superiority of the so called Western countries, which they enjoyed over proper civilisations like India or China. With loss of colonies, Europe and west is relegated to their decadent societies as powers of yesteryears and a society of bastards, dead bodies and crime. The Asian century as the 21 st century is called today is a misnomer as all centuries, except 18-20th had been Asian centuries only, for the known history of Human race. It is especially funny that certain white cretins in online forums advocate eugenics as if their race is in the top hierarchy of races of the world, even though any proper analysis of human history would show how much of the bottom feeders the white race actually is.

Of course leaving history aside, what is the supposed superiority of western countries today? 50% bastard rates? 2000% higher rapes per capita compared to Asia? Several magnitudes higher crime figures and prison population? 50% divorce rates? A “culture” so materialistic and self indulgent that they can’t even bring themselves to have enough children to replace themselves and have to import rape happy Muslim immigrants from middle east for improving their economy? Seriously which part of western society can one define as being superior? Their economic prosperity was of course brought by loot of others and now that that has dried up, even the economic edge the western barbarians had over proper civilisations like India and China is dying out today .

All in all, it is stupid to think that western “civilization” is actually superior (actually it is not a civilization if we go by proper definition and death of Roman culture) and it is suicidal to mimic their decadent culture of single mothers, bastards, divorces and rapes. Every Indian (and indeed every non westerner) should know this fact. Next time the Storm front or Brietbart thugs brag about “Western civilization”, they should be shown a mirror for what they truly are- a subhuman barbaric trash for most of human history, someone who got rich and wealthy by destroying other races and cultures. Their model of society/culture/”civilization”, as they like to call themselves, is not a model for anyone except barbarians. Civilisations like India, China, Japan, South East Asians etc would do well not to adopt the western barbaric morals or code or culture or religion!