The biggest losers in a feminazi world

Who are the biggest losers in an increasingly feminist world? WOMEN! But there are different shades of losers and some lose more than others. The losers are listed below in decreasing order of significance:

1) Children– They are the biggest losers in a feminist dominated society. How does the children lose in such a society? Children lose because they are forced to grow in single parent households and sacrificed at the altar of protecting individual whims and fancies over the future generation. No fault divorce coupled with high alimony payments ensure that women have almost no incentives to maintain a healthy marital bond. Although, feminists will argue that women are not responsible for divorce but almost 80% of divorce are initiated by women!

This problem is further exacerbated by delayed marriages and out of wedlock births. #MyLifeMyChoice type of arguments have removed the taboo from pre-marital sex as well as out of wedlock births. All this means that paternal investment in kids has gone down and the laws have left no incentive for fathers to invest in their offsprings.

Sexual abuse of children increases in broken families

If sexual abuse can be taken as a metric of exploitation, then kids are at the receiving end of all the abuse in broken families. The chances of a child getting abused in a broken family is several times higher than the case when a child lives with his/her biological parents. Another metric that can be employed is school performance of kids with absentee fathers. Broad survey of research shows that absentee fathers have a negative impact on school performance of kids. The article states:

We find strong evidence that father absence negatively affects children’s social-emotional development, particularly by increasing externalizing behavior. These effects may be more pronounced if father absence occurs during early childhood than during middle childhood, and they may be more pronounced for boys than for girls. There is weaker evidence of an effect of father absence on children’s cognitive ability.

Effects on social-emotional development persist into adolescence, for which we find strong evidence that father absence increases adolescents’ risky behavior, such as smoking or early childbearing. The evidence of an effect on adolescent cognitive ability continues to be weaker, but we do find strong and consistent negative effects of father absence on high school graduation. The latter finding suggests that the effects on educational attainment operate by increasing problem behaviors rather than by impairing cognitive ability.

So laws that lead to broken families in turn harm future of children. And there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the primary goal of many feminists is destruction of family which in turn can be interpreted as destruction of childhood. The failure of blacks in American society can be traced back to broken homes and large number of out of wedlock births and absence of fathers in African-American society.

2) Lower class females– The second biggest losers in a feminized setting are lower class women. Although high class women also end up as cat ladies due to feminist indoctrination and male hate but the biggest casualty is borne by lower class females. They lose out by bearing the feminist assault on family structure. While high class women preach feminism to their lower class sisters, they themselves are much less likely to divorce as compared to low class women. The study by Isen and Stevenson gives details on education attainment and divorce rates.

Percentage of marriages ending in divorce, Isen and Stevenson

Three things become immediately clear from the above data for US. Firstly, the rate of divorce has increased since 1950s for all classes (both race and sex). Secondly, the rate of divorce has strictly been higher for high educated females. Thirdly, percentage of divorce for blacks has been higher than whites. Since education and gender both determine an individual’s class in US, it is more than abundantly clear that lower class females have been on the receiving end of new legislations.

Not only the richer females are less likely to divorce but they also end up with high alimony settlements and a comfortable lifestyle while their poorer sisters are left out in the wild without a mate plus dependent on welfare state given low/negligible alimony payments. At the same time, while the richer women still have the option to opt out of work in case of a divorce (or even within a marriage), the lower class women have no option to opt out of workforce and have to almost always support themselves and their children, often living life on subsistence, while flipping burgers in McD. The problems of black families are increased many fold due to the breakdown of their family institution and hence black women are even bigger losers.

3) Lower class males– The lower class males lose due to decrease in their SMV and decrease in chances of landing up with a mate. Since women display hypergamy and have also increasingly joined the workforce, the role of lower class males as bread earners has diminished and they now have almost no utility for the modern female. If a women is unable to find a job she has nanny state to help her live on (Not a big problem in India yet as the welfare state is small). Thus, most males on the lowest level of social pyramid find it almost impossible to attract any female.

Also breakdown of social taboos on sexual relationships means that women are free to pursue alpha males leaving the betas of the old alone and lonely. Such men only have chance of ending up with an old female once she is past her prime fertile age and does not any longer have better options. Since society does not put any pressure on their youth to get married early, an entire generation of low value men are restricted to their parent’s basement and increasingly pursue other hobbies to hide their failure at attracting women. This is reflected in the coinage of terms like herbivore men in Japan and MGTOWs in the west.

Whether the external impulses like porn, video games etc are able to compensate for life long partnership with women for these men is yet to be seen, but low SMV men are increasingly opting out of the society.

4) Super high class women– These are the women at the top of the pyramid and are unable to find men who can overcompensate their value. Feminism has brainwashed entire generation of women and has de-emphasized the value of maternity and children. Women who are increasingly successful in corporate careers find it increasingly difficult to find potential mates who are better than them. While successful men have no problem in marrying down and settling for a less value women, female hypergamy ensures that highly successful women end up alone.

Another factor which hurt these women is the blind pursual of career over family, thus forcing them to waste their best fertile years as corporate slaves. By the time they realize their folly, they are well past their prime age to attract high value men, who are interested in other younger women. The same women then shout at men to man up (so patriarchal!).

While few women might be happy with being corporate slaves but many end up bitter in their old lives by giving up on timely maternity. Although marriage is not important for having children but the mad race for jumping corporate hoops ensure that successful corporate women delay child bearing to win cut-throat competition. While these women might bed best males during their small fertile youthful period (<30yrs), their value decreases exponentially with age, thus making them resentful later on in life due to male rejection. The rise of the cat ladies to douse the maternal instincts is a modern phenomenon, thanks to the propaganda against motherhood by feminazis.

Who wins?

Not everyone loses in such a society! The winners are high SMV men who get unbridled supply of young emancipated women ready to sleep with them without the burden of marriage. Although any male with an interest in family has to act over-cautious in such a society but if the idea is to be a philanderer than no society offers better options for a high SMV men. In case these men decide to tie the knot, since educated women have lower divorce rates, it also means they do not get a raw deal like their poorer counterparts. It is an almost win-win situation for them in each case. Just to emphasize, these men lose the most in a patriarchal society due to reduced access to prime fertile women and have almost all the reasons to support feminazi agenda.

The question now is- where does India want to end up with its increasingly anti-family legislation?

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