Addendum: The biggest losers in a feminazi world

This is further addition to the last article on same topic. This time we concern ourselves with the winners of this new feminist world. The last articles focussed on the impact on different classes of men/women in the society, but more can be said about other groups. The other winners are-

1) Corporates: Apart from sexual winners, if one thinks about economics then the corporates win. The reason they started to let women work (see the above poster ‘we can do it’ from WW2) is because they were falling short of laborers during the world war. The feminist social doctrine that evolved was just an extension of this economic model. Not letting women work means 50% of capable labor force remains unproductive. Instead, if they are made to work, the production goes up and need to import migrant labor goes down. There are more buyers for all sorts of products and local economy goes up.

Now the attack on biological aspects of womanhood is a further extension of this economic agenda. If she is stuck in traditional gender roles then their economy is hurt, so they are trying to take away the femininity of the woman away and trying to brainwash all women into thinking that they are a ‘resource’, like a good HR would label them. Women have started buying this definition too and just like men, they have started attaching their self worth to how much they earn.

In the west, this is somewhat okay because it increases productivity but in India young women have started a new doctrine of their own, they want the good points of the western doctrine but don’t want to let go of the traditional benefits of ‘patriarchy’. For example a girl earning the typical 3.5 Lakhs Per Annum(LPA) from one of the top 4 mass recruiting IT firms now wants her potential husband to earn at least 12 LPA. So she is trying to play the realpolitik game and make the best of both doctrines and squeeze benefits for herself. Although western women too display hypergamy but not at the same level as their Indian counterparts. If one goes around barking about being an independent woman who is not dependent on any man to sustain herself, why not marry a low earning artist, or a plumber or a carpenter? Why 3X salary requirement from the husband? Where’s the feminism now? Why claim maintenance money after divorce? Why claim custody of children by default of being a ‘mother’?

2) Government: No one can forget the second beast in the room which is the government itself. It has all the reasons to make corporate slaves out of women. More labor means more tax and more tax means more spending on welfare. The increased and not-stop growth in the size of bureaucracy means that the govt. needs ever expanding size of labor force to balance budget. Now having run out of women, the same western governments are not shying away from importing foreign migrants to shore up their finances in the future.

The government bureaucrats and politicians not only draw power from increased spending power delivered through increased revenue but it also gives them immense power to interfere in public sphere. Large number of propaganda programs can be rolled out to change mindsets and thus favours can be curried to the select few through media and academia. Different gender issues which were earlier monitored and improved by civil society now require explicit government interventions, which means more redundant jobs created by the government.

We leave the reader to dig deeper into this issue but look at the kind of studies funded by tax payer’s money as shown below. If they are not outrightly ridiculous, then one would wonder what is:

If you want to think in Indian context, then think about abuse of 498A. An incoherent law has been imposed on the society which has led to destruction of families through rampant misuse, but the vested interests do not want to let it go. And who are the vested interests in this case? Feminist groups and law fraternity. These two groups hardly want to budge back on this issue, even though greater than 90% of the cases don’t get any conviction and half of the victims are themselves women (mothers and sisters of husband). So once a law is enacted, it is almost impossible to backtrack on it. The one way street of feminism allows no U-turns!

As one can by now see, the feminist ideology gives enough reasons for the above two classes to implement these policies even more zealously. So next time when you see a government funded program in favour of altering social norms, you would understand why.