A Theory in Thought

Human wisdom is finite. All that you will experience has been experienced by your ancestors before you. The rules that tradition has laid down before us are not ill-thought they were guided by years of human evolution. Society progressed in a certain way and within a certain manner under different civilizations.

But how does a human think about the queries of his inner mind? All humans are born with priors, and these priors inform their outlook. Useful priors are retained by natural selection. Now when we say useful, it simply means it enhances group fitness. All the various Protestant memes are certainly not useful in the sense that they are sustainable. Huntington said “Islam’s borders are bloody and so are its innards”, but note that it is still expanding. Islam may capture a significant chunk of the human population in the future, and what that means for Hindus and other pagans who have suffered immeasurably at the hands of the Mohammedans only time will tell.

Any ideology that has existed for centuries has some value to its adherents and enhances their fitness in some way, else it would not survive. But the important point is, while it may be beneficial to its adherents, it may not be beneficial to the society at large, or even to its adherents in the long run. A virus or a parasite can bring down a human being, that does not mean it is superior to a human being. Similarly slam/Liberalism/Communism can take down superior cultures, but that does not mean they are superior to the Gumtree they take down. Liberalism benefits it’s adopters in that it raises their social station, allowing them to be parasitic on the competent and hard working.  Similarly Islam benefits it’s adherents by free riding on kaffirs. However, once there are no kaffirs/non-liberals left, the whole arrangement collapses, as a parasite cannot survive without a host. Islam cannot build a civilization, for example, it can only Gorge on the flesh of existing ones. Once there is nothing external to devour, it will start to devour itself.

But can certain people fix their priors? And what would it mean to accept a new prior? Now I draw from Bayesianism occasionally since I find it a very useful construct in describing reality. Thought is Bayesian. There is likely some genetic conditioning present in everyone’s priors, and either those priors are enhanced or dismissed, only to be replaced with new priors.

Once enough coherent priors are acquired, a framework is developed. Once a framework is accepted, all thought is reduced to pattern matching. There is no need for original thought, since the thinker has already accepted that all new information will only be valid within the framework defined by his own priors. This is why facts don’t really matter. Accepting the pill; be it blue, red, black or rainbow coloured means accepting the framework.

What this does is lead the average thinker into believing things that are simply not supported by reality. But the problem that Communists face is that for the average thinker born and raised in a family of normal people, they cannot convince themselves of these obvious fallacies. And thus political correctness was born, otherwise known as cultural marxism. The way to take control of an entire generation of those who pursue the humanities is to generate a false sense of reality that is supported by the University and the Journalists, what Moldbug calls the Cathedral. The Cathedral has worked in the USA and it is working in Bharata as well.

Given the high signalling value attributed to education, this ritual is undertaken by more and more Hindus who are fed inconsistent mleccha ideas, aimed at the destruction of it’s traditional principles. When leftist speak of ‘modernity’ they are speaking with contempt for theinstitutions of old. It is a thinly veiled strike at the heart of tradition heathen rituals amongst the Yindoos, aimed at deracinating andjuvenilizing an entire generation by feeding ideas which lead to permanent adolescence. For eg. the old institution of marriage, which evolved separately in all different cultures of the world and definitely has some Darwinian value has been discarded at the altar of modernity and face the maximum ire of modernists.

Once the framework of cultural marxism has been accepted, humans delegate little brain power to actually questioning whether the evidence actually fits the framework, instead twisting the pattern until it is matched. This is why Morons are so insidious, since they are highly adept at pattern matching and have recognized the optimal Motte and Bailey strategy to destroy tradition.

Suffice to say it is time to note their patterns, and identify if they exist within your own thinking. Purge your old priors, accept Hindu ones. Let not the sacrifice of your ancestors go in vain. Uphold tradition.

With inputs from @ArmchairPseph

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Photographer: Sebastian Kaulitzki | Agency: dreamstime.com