Britain celebrates mass murderer Churchill

Our Monster, their Hero-Britain celebrates mass murderer.

Last month British people started using a crisp new £5 bill that features arch imperialist,militant white-supremacist and genocidal megalomaniac Winston Churchill. After all white supremacism is never having to say sorry-except when the victims are fellow white Europeans!

Churchill- the man responsible for 4 million deaths during the Bengal Holocaust in 1943, when a MAN-MADE famine was created in the then Indian province of Bengal, that included present day Bangladesh and Indian states West Bengal, Orissa and parts of Bihar by diverting Indian grains to Europe to feed British troops and for storage in Britain as a buffer stock against shortages. His reply to Indian requests for food aid was that the famine was ‘their own fault’ for they ‘were breeding like rabbits’. He further inquired British colonial authorities in India,when Gandhi will die. Indeed,the evil in this man goes further than that;recent historical research have revealed that he rebuffed American offer to sail ships loaded with grains to India to bridge the shortage.

Over in Europe, subsequent to Wannsee conference in January 1942, the killing machines of Nazi holocaust had not quite started in earnest yet. However, within few weeks in the summer of 1943,somewhere between 3 to 4 million Indians were exterminated. Its important to keep in mind that these numbers were British colonial estimates, the real figure was probably higher than that-colonizers are not in the habit of investigating their own crimes! Compared to messy and industrial style Nazi holocaust in Europe, the Indian holocaust was relatively clean and extremely efficient; the staggering body count was achieved through a simple and low-tech act of food stealing. No blood and gore for prim and proper Brits! Bengal holocaust remains the fastest genocide in human history.

In fact the British colonial history in India was littered with multiple famines and mass starvations brought on by colonial land tenure and predatory revenue system along with British order to Indian farmers to produce Indigo and opium in place of food grains-opium that the British were selling in China in yet another atrocity (and another story). It is estimated that anywhere between 20 million to 60 million Indians could have died in multiple famines during almost 200 year long British colonial rule in India. Subsequent to Indian independence in 1947,not a single famine has occurred.

The depredations of this mass murderer spans Asia,Africa and even Europe. Here are some brief glimpses into his crime spree in three continents-

Yet, Churchill was voted ‘Greatest Briton’ of all time in a recent poll in Britain whose capital city London boasts of multiple statues and monuments to many colonial war criminals-in a very British homage to colonizers! Imagine for a moment if Germany were to issue postage stamp featuring Hitler! The smug audacity displayed by Britain in celebrating genocide suggests that the sun might indeed have set on the empire, but the remnant of the empire remains thoroughly evil in spirit!

PS – Never forget what our ancestors suffered under this murderous zealot.

For a ravaging account read Madhushree Mukherjee’s book on Bengal famine- Churchill’s Secret War: The British Empire and the ravaging of India during World War-2. According to her- “Winston’s racist hatred was due to his loving the empire in the way a jealous husband loves his trophy wife: he would rather destroy it than let it go”.

Author- PS Arihant. Article sourced from facebook post.