One of the greatest problems Liberalism has wrought on us, is the equalization of spaces.

Spaces are places in which certain types of behaviour is acceptable or better stated; where certain priors are accepted. The space is demarcated either physically or mentally by the groups of people who create and are then accepted into the space.

It is trivial to think up of examples of spaces. Brahmins are permitted to consume meat within the confines of the ritual space. However, they are vegetarian otherwise. Aghoris consume the meat of the dead, within the intense spiritual ritualism their sampradaya demands, but this does not make cannibalism acceptable.

Understanding how to delineate spaces, helps one to understand morality as a whole. The reason things like the trolley problem vexes us, is because morality is not universal. Many among the cogent mleccha are grappling with the problems of a Universal morality, finally waking up to the pretamata which has caused their descent.

The problem with all liberal philosophies is that it equalizes spaces that are simply not meant to be equalized. Take feminism for instance. In seeking to equalize masculinity and femininity it has confused both genders. Behaviours in all male spaces are simply not translatable into female or mixed spaces. Men behave fundamentally differently in an all male space as do women in all female spaces.

The Protestant reformation equalized ritual spaces by saying that faith alone was necessary to connect with Yahweh and that priests were not required. This was the spiritual predecessor of the egalitarianism meme, carried by their Liberal and Progressive brethren .

To illustrate the concept of how  spaces work take the asinine concept of the hijab. Islamic theology says that the hijab is to do with protecting the modesty of the girl. The problem with this is that the hijab does not lend modesty to the individual. Hijabis are raped[1], groped and potentially abused. To say that it protects the modesty of a woman is obtuse. It is more likely it is to prevent Muslim men from their baser instincts. Simply covering up does nothing to prevent sexual feelings, because sexualization occurs in the brain. The mental space for desexualization of the woman will protect woman’s modesty more than any piece of clothing. Similarly, feminists who believe in slut walks are deluded, since shock value will not desexualize breasts. Only religious indoctrination will. The space must be created and then enforced.

As an aside, what happens when there’s an invasion of one space which believes in certain priors with another which believes in a different set of priors? Depending on their priors there can be conflict, especially if one of their priors is the Mosaic distinction. UK is already facing the reality of having two different spaces colliding, whether the more disturbing is that arbitration sharia councils exist now or the resulting treatment of the girls preyed upon by the (Kashmiri?) Muslims in Rotherham.

Once you accept the difference in spaces as a prior a lot of things begin to make sense within the larger tapestry of the Hindu social fabric. Why do Hindus not bat an eyelid at the depictions of sexual intercourse in Khujrao while sniffing at a girl in a short skirt? It’s because the space within which Khujrao exists is not meant to arouse whereas the space within which the short skirt exists is provocative. An semi-nude depiction of a devi, the shiva lingam are perfectly acceptable to the Hindu because they are received by the Hindu mind within a certain space. All Hindus do not follow the same rituals and different rituals are accepted by different jaatis. Hindus may find the rituals strange or unappealing but this does not permit invasion of that space and enforcing of different codes.

It must be stated, all spaces are not equally relevant or acceptable, Raja Bhoja made sure of underlining that. It is important to recognize that Hindu pluralism is based on the fundamental acceptance that different spaces can exist simultaneously within any geographical location so long as the spaces exist harmoniously. The unmada s simply do not understand this, and this is why they cannot exist with us. Certain Hindus have swallowed this Liberal meme and are excluding certain rituals from the Hindu space because it does not fit their Occidental notions of what can be considered “civilized”. There is only one thing to say: purge

[1] WARNING: This video is highly NSFW. It is not recommended that you watch it. I link to it only as proof.

Image Source: Rangoli