• Ishan

    Hey Yugaparivartan,
    I agree with everything but not the first tweet.
    Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab was a Frankish/Sabbatean Donmeh Jew from Turkey, who converted to Islam during 18th Century. Under the guise of reforming Islam, he made it even more rigid and dogmatic to the extent that brainwashed zombies are being churned out in Madarsas.
    The concept of “shirk” did not exist in original Islam. Due to this recent innovation of “shirk”, the bigoted Wahhabi Al-Saud dynasty has destroyed the graves of Prophet and his relatives. No true Muslim will ever destroy the grave of Prophet and his relatives. That is why I say that Wahhabism has been there only for about 3 centuries and has absolutely nothing to do with teachings of Mohammad.
    That said, I don’t condone the crimes committed by Muslims on Hindus over centuries. Just putting facts in public domain.