Why Pakistan’s destruction is necessary for India’s survival

Is united Pakistan good for India?

The carving out of Muslim Pakistan in 1947 has given it the legitimacy of carrying out Jihad against Bharat on behalf of Ummah since the past seven decades. Sometimes on its own or other times as a ploy used by west, Pakistan has been a continued nuisance against Bharat since its inception. The existence of Pakistan continuously reminds Muslims of the struggle that they have been raising against Kafirs in the Indian subcontinent. This includes many of the those who live in Bharat but sing paeans for the Muslim Pakistan. So breaking down of Pakistan is important to send clear message to this fifth column.

To understand loyalty of Muslims to Ummah, one needs to go back and recount historical examples. One such interesting story is related to Jinnah. Jinnah was actually the lawyer hired by the Khan Of Kalat who was the monarch of Baluchistan during British rule in India. In the name of lawyer’s fees Jinnah asked the Khan to give gold equal to the weight of Jinnah and in exchange Jinnah would argue the case for the independence of Baluchistan based on technicalities, and it won’t be included into a newly created Pakistan. As reported here:

Before the partition of India and Pakistan, Balochistan consisted of four princely states under the British Raj. These were Kalat, Lasbela, Kharan and Makran. Two of these provinces, Lasbela and Kharan, were fiduciary states placed under Khan of Kalat’s rule by the British, as was Makran which was a district of Kalat. Three months before the formation of Pakistan, Muhammed Ali Jinnah had negotiated the freedom of Baluchistan under Kalat from the British. Discussions were made about Kalat’s relationship with Pakistan as it was formed.

This was obviously a ploy. Jinnah took the gold, stalled the case until his army could prepare for a full invasion of Baluchistan and once they were ready, they invaded, kidnapped the family of the monarch, made him sign instrument of accession and Jinnah kept all the gold which he had taken as lawyer’s fees, like a true Muslim. Not to froget, Jinnah was a very highly educated member of British India. Moral of the story, doesn’t matter how highly educated a Muslim is, be it doctor, engineer, barrister, prime minister, a Muslim never ceases to be a Muslim due to education. He remains a Muslim, first and always. Musharraf also has similar story. He was actually an Indian from an elite Indian Muslim family who migrated to Pakistan very late after the creation. So all those who say that Indian Muslims are a different breed than Pakistani Muslims and their loyalty must not be challenged, you have a great counter example called Musharraf.

As long as the nation of Pakistan exists as an alternative for Indian Muslims to look up to, as an ideological model for a functional Islamic state (which serves as living counter-narrative to India’s nationhood) and as a flagship destination for Muslims of the subcontinent and as a functional place of refuge for all anti-India elements to hide in, after committing crime in India, India will always face an existential threat. Pakistan will always provide the mental comfort of being the “Plan B” for any Muslim in the sub-continent who wants to start over afresh. In essence, Bharat will always have to strive to undermine this nation to show that the idea of an Islamic riwayat within the Indian subcontinent was an inherently flawed concept. The idea to Islamic Pakistan bound by Islamic brotherhood has less credibility now given that it has already failed once during 1971, and it will hit rock bottom once again, when Baluchistan splits apart.

As long as people know that there is another rat hole to run to, after messing things up in India, they will always give step motherly treatment to their motherland. It is our responsibility to dismantle Pakistan and send a clear message to the 170 + 180 + 120 million Muslims of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh that you cannot have a safe haven in South-Asia. There can be no parallel Islamic model operating in the Indian subcontinent. We will break you until you are nothing more than vassal states of a Hindu Bharat.

Breakup of Pakistan is especially important to the Muslims of India as it will send an unwritten message that there is no more any “Plan B” to migrate to. So if you were thinking of dodging taxes, planting bombs or burning saints, thinking that you could escape to Pakistan, that hotel-cum-lodge has shut down now. You will be brought to book, not by Indian army or RAW, but by a simple hawaldar of Mumbai police and brought back in a second hand police van to face trial not in the supreme court as an international celebrity terrorist, but as a chillar chindi chor arrested from the neighbouring vassal state of Baluchistan, Sindh, Bangladesh, just like we do for Jihadis hiding in Nepal right now.

There will be no more Dawoods produced in India as there will be no more Pakistan to hide in. This is how we need to approach the problem in the short run. But fiberals might cry- Ohh, but Pakistan has nukes. Well, the nuke problem can only be sorted once we are clear on long term strategic goals, which should include further breakup of Pakistan into smaller states and then integration of those states back into the Dharmic fold later. The thousand year civilization clash will not end in our lifetime, so we should plan long term.

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