Will BJP sell out PoK

YP bumped across an old video on Youtube where MJ Akbar is seen talking about converting current LoC into permanent border. Here is the relevant transcript:

In 65 years, 6.5 inches of land has not changed hands. Another 65 years and it will still not change. There is a solution however to this problem. In historical terms, after 6-7 decades de facto becomes de jure. So freeze it where it is. Shake hands and lets go and find a future.

Why is this clip from some time around 2012-13 important today? It is important because MJ Akbar is currently Minister of State for External Affairs, Govt of India and one of the prominent turncoats from Congress who joined BJP before 2014 elections.

Since the BJP fanboys left no chance to ridicule AAP for the views of its former member Prashanth Bhushan on Kashmiri right to self-governance and name shame the whole party as anti-national, the question is will they show even a fraction of that outrage against the current Minister of State for his views. And how will BJP justify its stance on inclusion of such people, who hardly care about the integrity of the nation?

Do you really expect a MoS like MJ Akbar will be able to defend Indian interests on PoK with ease, when he has held completely orthogonal views in private life? Or one can ask if BJP has already made up its mind to pimp away PoK to Pakistan just like it pimped away Indian land to Bangladesh?

Had the public not raised hue and cry BJP would have been more than happy to play cricket with Pakistan as evidenced by the remarks made by Anurag Thakur against those who opposed cricketing ties with Pakistan as it could have hurt financial interests of those BJP members involved in cricket. So, fact of the matter is if you want BJP to be nationalistic and avoid turncoats, you need to keep it on a tight leash and punish it for bad behaviour.