State of Right wing media in Bharat

The state of right wing media is very fluid in India right now. The market is already showing some signs of consolidation with the acquisition of OpIndia by Swarajya. The podcast below by @kalpokashap and @theaveragebigot gives a good summary of the current state of right wing media.

One thing which you can take away from the discussion is that there is a big potential in this market and there is big scope for rise of new portals, both in English and local languages. What is needed is a genuine effort to popularize the ideology and help each other grow. If the right wing ecosystem is big enough and fairly spread out, it will be difficult to shut down this thought channel in case hostile government takes over in the future.

Right wing is a big tent now and is growing fast after’s Modi win with the rush of turncoats to identify themselves with the new winners. On most social policies though, there is not much difference between any of these media houses- all follow western liberal constructs and find it valuable for Indian society without evaluating the current rot in western societies.

But traditions are equally important and what we need is rational defence of the old wisdom and not give in to the unabashed hedonism promoted by most mainstream media houses under the guise of individualism. Economy will not solve all the problems of Hindus and we need to join efforts towards building a sustainable society based on Hindu traditions.


PS: Some portals missed in the above podcast: HinduPost, Jagruk Bharat, MyIndMakers

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