Civilization and barbarians

Why do you create riches if the enemy waiting behind the lines will come and take it all away one day in the future? Would not you have been better if you had invested that time in building defence and keeping the barbarians off your territory?

Let me start by retelling early recorded Chinese history. There was once a confederation of nomadic tribes which the Chinese referred to as Xiongnu, knowns as the Huns today. The most famous person of the confederation being Attila the Hun who sacked the eastern Roman empire. This retelling is about Meha the Hun, an ancestor of Attila, who was able to unite the various tribes into a strong Confederacy. Meha, a brave and capable general went on to raid China repeatedly. Basically these Nomads lived off by plundering the Chinese who had a far refined culture, way of life as well as developed systems of governance. All the Huns did was bide their time and look for a perfect opportunity to attack and plunder and take away whatever they could, be it women, gold, silver, horses etc. Many would now find parallels between the Afghans and the Huns, which is true, both lived on plunder. Now let us come to the present times, Hindus are today working hard, earning money, trying to build a civilization, rather rebuild it as some of the readers may point out later on, while Pakistan or certain sections of our society are simply biding their time. They are not bothered about poverty or well being, they know they can always snatch what they like from others when the opportunity arises. Does Kairana ring a bell?

Civilization is a delicate thing. To protect it we must strive to destroy the barbarians at the gate, at all costs. Humanity or other forms of opiates which stem from universalism or similar doctrines, should be neutralised as soon as possible and never let these problems prolong as time only strengthens the barbarians at the gate.

When the barbarians arrive to plunder our civilization, refinement, superior ways of life will count for nothing! Cease the opportunity and smash the enemies into oblivion. Compassion is a value your enemies do not share.

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