Donald Trump will be the next POTUS

Donald Trump surprised everyone and defeated Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States. The rise and win of Trump can be simple explained by the fact that he promised change while Hillary offered “More Of the Same”. While the plebeians heard this message, the elites in the ivory tower ignored the message and tried hard to continue with the old system.

The parallels will be drawn with Modi’s win in 2014, as he too defied all the odds and all the negative campaign against him, while he just chanted- “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas”. Trump almost seemed to have borrowed from Modi’s template when he kept saying -“Make America Great Again”. While Hillary had nothing new to sell other than her being the first woman to run for the President’s post as candidate of one of the two major US political parties, Trump gave a message of positivity. And the people accepted the latter.

US is on cusp of demographic transition with number of white kids born in US already below 50%. It is a changed country and white men have voted probably for the last time before demography hits them finally in the next elections. So, it is just the beginning of identity politics in US and it will only get worse. Identity politics is part and parcel of democratic system and there would always be politicians who will take benefit from it.

If Hillary Clinton can use her women card, Trump just trumped her with white card. But apparently in the insane world of leftists, only they are allowed to create identity boxes and no one else. Only such cultists can be proud of their own stance while ridiculing the others for their own position. Look at the below excerpt from New Yorker, the liberal elitist magazine, to understand how some identities are important for the author, but white men endorsing their identity is somehow disgusting.  a1

In any case, the noise will die down and the world of politics will go on as usual. Trump or Hillary, one person can only change so much. So, lets take the time to congratulate the next POTUS with below video, which shows he just did not get lucky and had clearly worked for the position he won today.

  • Lord Magnificent

    Donald Trump clinched the presidency despite 24//7 wall to wall negative coverage from the corrupt American media. He smartly addressed the pressing issues of Average American Joes and Janes which includes illegal immigration, trade deals that ravaged American middle class, protecting the Second Amendment and appointing a conservative jugde to the Supreme Court to replace the deceased Judge Antonin Scalia.

    While Clinton’s campaign consist mainly of “Hey vote for me,I’m a woman. It’s time for a female president”. Which is laughable.
    Trump beat the best and brightest of Republican Party in the primaries, namely Lyin Ted, Little Marco and Low energy Jeb Bush. And yesterday Crooked Hillary bites the dust!

    His slogan “Make America Great Again”(MAGA) resonates with the public contrary to Clinton’s “I’m With Her”. I’m so glad Americans drove a stake through Clinton’s heart. She covets the White House for a long time. Back in 2008 a political neophyte Obama came out of nowhere and pulverized her in the Democratic Primary. She waited in anguish for 8 years for another shot at the White House. Only to be vanquished by Trump, with no prior experience serving in public office. Feels good man and Deus Vult!

  • BvB09

    I would rate Trump’s achievement (victory in the polls) higher than Modi’s. Modi was backed by most of his party and had a large cadre working for his election. Trump was opposed by his party and had no cadre to speak of. Interesting days ahead!

  • Lalitaditya Muktapida

    I think it is a good thing that western democracies too will be controlled now by identity politics. That means they will have a civil war like situation at home. This means they will be too busy with that to interfere in our civil war like situation a-la the East India Company. Good!

  • guest

    All I know is that politics has too many roads and ways and we know very little. But other candidate was not ‘really’ a great option, the fault was DNC’s they did not put a strong candidate forward.