PizzaGate: Paedophile rings of Superior Western Civilisation?


Social media is blowing up with a new scandal in the west in the name of #PizzaGate. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social media sites are buzzing with information on what is being called PizzaGate. So what is PizzaGate? PizzaGate is the code word for the latest allegations coming out from the West regarding an active and thriving paedophile ring at the top level of western governments with Clintons and Podesta at the top. It is about the alleged role of Clintons and other top politicians of USA in facilitating paedophilia among their friends and their help in covering it up. The revelations came from analysing the wiki leaks published report on this matter, where allegedly, pizza was used a code word for children and eating pizza as a code word for paedophilia by the paedophilia gang with Clintons at the top.

As soon as this news hit the social media, the left-wing mainstream media of the USA like New York Times and Washington Post were in full denial mode and were actively seeking to close down discussion on the matter. In fact, the sub-reddit page on this issue was closed down. Twitter is also apparently closing down the discussion on the issue by banning users who discuss this issue and share this news in their site.

How is it relevant to our society?

It is relevant because one could see what kind of duplicitous snakes the western societies and their leftist moral pontificators are. These are the same people who run propaganda after propaganda on issues faced by India often by blowing problems out of proportions to make Hindu society and civilisation appear bad and backward. Take the case of their rape hysteria in India, which by every objective is 20 times lower in India than the barbaric societies these hypocrites live in. But did they care to do their research before slandering our society,religion and civilisation as rapists? Of course not. They are not interested in facts. They are only interested in propaganda. For example- compare the way they are covering this issue with how they cover news from India.

These are the same people who ran stray incidents in Dadri as being indicative of society of Muslim lynchers. But when if comes to their own cabal of paedophiles in power or they are connected to, all their pretensions of neutrality, morality, benevolence evaporates and they simply protect their own from criticism or scrutiny. Instead of further investigating the issue on whether or not this is true,they are busy trying to white wash it directly . But unfortunately for them, it is now invoking the Streisand effect where active suppression of news causes more interest in that news and hence wider coverage.

This news may or may not be true, but that is besides the point because even if these are the false, look how quickly the likes of left wing depraved excuses of human kind like New York times, Washington post and the other media outlets reacted to this issue. They didn’t investigate the news nor did they even publish the truth. They didn’t publish the contents of Podesta emails leaked by wiki leaks because it involved their favourite soulless genocidal ghoul Hilary Clinton. And now when the emails are being further explored by the sub-reddit and internet, they are actively trying to take down the news sites and internet communities which are investigating the emails deeper in Reddit and Twitter. This the reality of their commitment to free speech.

When these depraved socialists/liberals talk about free speech and excuse their badly research propaganda as being free speech, what they actually mean is their right to free propaganda and not actual freedom to discuss any issue. This is what Indians need to learn from these depraved presstitutes. Of course, the presstitutes back home are not any different if anyone follows the news given how they covered Dadri as against how they covered Mewat .

And if the news about Podesta and Clinton gang running a paedophile ring is true, which it seems to be very very likely given the push by the likes of Salon (western version of to normalise and legalise paedophilia: I am a Paedophile but not a monster, it indicates how depraved and barbaric their societies actually are on the inside , despite what their appearances look like. After all, there is only so much “culture” and civility wealth can bring to these barbarians. Ofcourse, we should not forget about the Paedophile Jimmy Saville and how BBC, British Broadcasting (bullshiting) Corporation covered up for his paedophilia for 30 years. Jimmy Saville was abusing hundreds of children at his leisure with full knowledge of BBC and they didn’t even care to protect those children. What is worse, when an appalled employee who worked for BBC tried to bring the issue of Jimmy Saville’s paedophilia and raping of children, BBC actually punished the guy by firing him from his job. So this is nothing new for these cabal of sad excuses of human beings to cover up a scandal this big.

And recently, Canadian supreme court legalised aspects of bestiality. So it is entirely likely that this society of paedophile loving (No wonder they love Islam so much), bestiality legalising depraved sorry excuses of human beings have a government elite which loves paedophile rings for themselves and others.

Whatever the truth with respect to Podesta email leak, paedophile gang run by Clintons and the PizzaGate, there is no denying the reality that these people have no morals and no culture. It is as well likely that their pathetic poorly researched propaganda pieces are only to hide their depravity and project their pathetic depravity onto others. This is something Hindus need to watch out for when dealing with these sorry excuses of Human being.

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