Alt-right is retarded and so are Hindus who take that label- Part I

There is a growing group of Hindu traditionalists in India who take up the label of Alt-Right to identify themselves and subscribe to their ideas. This might range from intellectuals of the traditionalist space who subscribe to the alt-right positions on various issues like gender, race, morality etc to Hindu Sena celebrating Trump victory while offering Pooja on his behalf. On the superficial level, the obvious alignment of the Hindu traditionalists with the traditionalists and alt-right of the west might look natural – both want to preserve family values, both see the threat that Islam poses to their societies and both see that the liberalism is a disease sold as a cure for the imperfect human civilisation. But what the Hindu traditionalists (or more accurately Dharmics) don’t seem to get is that enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend nor is that the alt-right has little in common with Dharma beyond the family, anti-liberalism and anti-Islam. Many of the alt-right views on gender, race and morality are downright adharmic and against facts and evidence. This series of articles will dig deep into various alt-right positions:

Alt-Right views on Race vs Reality

Alt-right thinks that white race is genetically superior to the Blacks, Indians, Arabs, Chinese etc and cherry-pick the examples of IQ tests and scientific advancements made by the west recently to claim it as “fact”. This is a flawed position because the facts don’t support their claims if accounted for various confounding factors. IQ is not a static measure which is set in stone for various races. IQ is largely influenced by nutrition, schooling, schooling of the parents of the kids, gender (gender has a statistically significant role in intelligence) and of course genetics. So the average IQ of India being 85, has a lot to do with the malnutrition rate of 50%, poverty rate of 60%, adult literacy rate of 65% (with literacy being ability to read or write and not education) of India and it obviously is not a marker of full genetic potential of Indian minds (actually proper nutrition can add another 10 or so points to Indian IQ). The same is true for Africans too as most of Africa is consumed in civil wars run by governments which are only slightly better than Indian government. But then the alt-right brings up the issue of IQ of African Americans in USA vs that of the white Americans. But then again, the African Americans in USA are not in the same level of social mobility vis-a-vis white Americans in the US with Africans having higher single and unwed mothers, higher divorce rates, lower schooling etc compared to white Americans. Again, not a fair comparison, although white supremacists blame the above problems as well on the African IQ. But this is not a very sound argument as one can notice that Africans in Africa have much more stable families than Africans living in America, thus removing one of the most equalizing force for Afro-Americans.

Then comes the curious case of East Asia. Chinese and other East Asians like Japanese and South Koreans have an average IQ of 105 which is higher than the average IQ of alt-right and of course, Askenazi Jews having a higher IQ than the average white guys. But this is somehow not addressed by the alt-right when they discuss about IQ differences being the reason for the backwardness of the black community in USA or their own failure in front of Jews. Their argument for black American backwardness in USA is due to IQ differences and not because of their systemic enslavement by whites or the fact that black Americans were the worst affected by the social liberalism and family breakdowns caused by feminism and other progressivisms. Of course, it is sometimes hilarious to watch these people confront this cognitive dissonance in debates as seen by Bannon of Brietbart news weaselling about why Indian and Chinese people dominating the IT field in USA is bad for the USA, which they achieved by merit unlike white American dominance of USA which they achieved through the lands they stole from the natives.

Then comes the issue of the scientific advances. This is where the IQ question becomes even more hilarious. The same Anglo-Saxons who boast of genetic superiority of the whites today were living in caves and engaged in looting and raping as a legitimate way of living in 500 BCE when Buddha and Mahavira were enlightening the minds of Indian Kingdoms and Vedas were in pristine glory. The same Anglo-Saxons who like to write how genetically superior they are now were bottom feeders of Human race well after 4000 years of first Human civilisations. Human civilisations began in Sumeria, Iraq (Babylon), Egypt i.e. brown Arabs, Iran(Persia) i.e. brown Persians, Indus valley i.e. brown Indians, Yangzte river/Chinese Civilisation of Yellow Chinese. The nearest equivalent for whites was that of Greece which dint even appear 2000 years after the ancient civilisations of the world rose. This is even funnier when one looks at the fact that Greeks were not even considered to be westerners, until the very late 19th century. The current West which boasts of being a civilisation today is actually made up of largely Anglo-Saxons of UK, Germany, Scandinavia, USA and its illegally invaded/conquered lands in Australia, North America. Even Irish were not considered whites until late 19th century in US, when they had to fight their Anglo-Saxon/British protestant descendants in US to even get acknowledged as “whites”.

It was not the Greeks who engaged in genocides across the world in the name of a Jew (Jesus) and conquered the lands around the world nor are the Anglo-Saxons descendants of Greeks. The reason why these alt-right neonazis even associate themselves with the Greeks and Romans is because without culturally appropriating the Roman/Greek history, much like how the Nazis under Hitler culturally appropriated Hindu civilisation as their own because Sanskrit was similar to German, the history of the Anglo-Saxons is rather pitiful and non-existent. It was the Romans who conquered these cave dwelling Anglo-Saxons of present day England and civilised them into a Kingdom in the 2nd century BCE. Then the Germans were conquered and civilised into a proper state/kingdom by the Romanised Gauls/Francia under Charlemagne in the 7th century AD, who proclaimed the Holy Roman Empire consisting of present day France (West Francia) and Germany (east Francia). The Scandinavians/vikings of course were still barbarians and looters even in 10th century before they were civilised. If the white Anglo-Saxons were so damn smart by genetics, they would not have been lagging behind Brown Indians, Brown Arabs, Brown Egyptians, Brown Persians, Yellow Hans in establishing settled human civilisations by 4000 years. If the same IQ test was done in 5th century BCE- Indians, Chinese, Iraqis, Egyptians, Persians etc would have blown the Anglo-Saxons and their illegal spawns in the Americas out of the water. The results would have been no different even few centuries ago.

Note that these are the same people who follow a Jew as their high lord and saviour while simultaneously whining, without any sort of cognitive dissonance, on how much Jewish influence is ruining their world. Their cognitive dissonance is so powerful that it can shake the gravity of the earth. These people are so brilliant genetically that they could not even bring their own set of morality and had to adopt the secularised/reformed morality of Christianity which again is a reformed form of Judaism which is again an Asian religion.

Then comes the question of major scientific discoveries of the world being from the west/Anglo-Saxons. This is of course a spurious argument because we are looking at the time period when West is at its peak after centuries of genocide of natives in Australia, North America, Africa, Asia and South America. This even discounts the fact that the second most powerful economy in the World i.e. Japan has nothing to do with the Anglo-Saxon whites whatsoever genetically. Also, the analysis of the 19th and 20th centuries, when Indian and Chinese civilisation was in decline due to conquest , will obviously yield a skewed result on which race has produced best science. The same west was a cultural backwater as late as in the 13th century CE when black plaque decimated 1/3rd of their population of Europe. Of course, if one has to look at the entirety of the Human history, it was the Indians and Chinese who contributed the most towards science and technology. Astronomy, Algebra, Numbering system, Architechture etc had their origins in India while gunpowder, paper, printing press etc have their origins in China. It was not without any reason that Europeans were dying to get to India in the 15th century, just like how present day Indians dream to reach the American shores. While Indians were building Mahabalipuram Cave temples, which still stand today, in 5th century CE, Anglo-Saxons were looting and pillaging the then Roman empire for feeding themselves. Was the supposed genetic superiority of the white race sleeping at that time? So next time you meet an alt-righter don’t expect any answer for this dormant IQ superiority.

This is of course not to argue that IQ differences cannot exist by race on a population level nor is it an argument that IQ differences are not important for success of an individual or a society. This is only to show that the present day intelligence/IQ testing does not take into account the various other factors which determine and help in development of intelligence. When this is the case, the white nationalist/alt-right version of genetic superiority of races should not be taken as anything but as a cruel joke born out of western genocides and imperialism.

To be followed…..