Hindus should boycott brothelwood instead of whining about Taimur

There is a huge SM outrage on Saif Miya and Kareena Bibi naming their new born jihadi after old jihadi Taimur. The outrage on twitter is quite understandable considering the fact that this move by the marunmatta couple is a calculated move to rub insult into the sub-human second class dhimmies of India, aka Hindus. After all, why would they name their kid after Taimur, a muslim jihadi who famously killed 100,000 Hindus in Delhi in one day and made a pyramid with their skulls in line with their holy Champak. Since most Muslims in India are forced converts to the tune of 90% of the population, it is quite natural for the rape descendants to name their kids after their rapists so that they can later claim to be descendants of rapists than being the rape victims.

Liberal Hindus and their defence

Whatever one may think of the liberal Hindus, at least they are true to their principle. They are at least consistent in their lack of self respect. Take any typical liberal atheist “idea of India” type intellectual. They thank the Mughals for massacring Hindus by the millions and putting Hindu women into harem and turning them into brood mares for producing the major portion of current crop of Muslim population of the subcontinent, all because they brought biryani to the subcontinent. These people are expected to lack self respect. If their daughter or wife gets raped, especially by Muslims, Liberal Hindus of the scroll.in ilk will probably name their grand children after them, by looking at the bright side that now the rapist has taught their daughter/wife how harsh life was before. This kind of self respect lacking apologia is natural to the liberal Hindu who are quite happy to be sub-human dhimmies to the jihadi elites. So expecting them to defend this debacle is very natural and hence nothing much can be said about it. Seeing them celebrating the jihadis openly mocking the sub-human dhimmies of the subcontinent, the Hindus, is “Idea of India”.

Illustration from Zafarnamah(c.1520 CE): Source @TrueIndology

Twitter outrage by supposedly self respecting Hindus

However, it is the Hindu reaction to this debacle which is puzzling. Many hindus outraging at this act as if they have some self respect and are hurt by how jihadis name their jihadi spawns. But the question is- do they really have self-respect that they outrage over this name? After all, these are the same self-respecting Hindu folks who turn PK into a super hit, adore jihadi Khans of brothelhood and glorify Pakistanis romancing Hindu actresses in brothelhood films. They are quite proud of this fact when some jihadi predictably accuses them of being “intolerant” and they gladly prove otherwise by showing their true secular certificate. Somehow, these self-respecting Hindu dhimmies don’t have any problem spending money watching Pak trash screwing Hindu women in brothelwood while Pak soldiers are busy killing our soldiers on Border under flimsy pretexts like “Its just a movie bro, culture has no boundary bro or freedom bro”. Just look at the supposedly Right wing TrendVeers glorify the various shades of Jihadis on their patriotism when they are put to true secularism test.

So the question is- why this double standard? Wouldn’t it be easier if these self respect lacking dhimmies outraging at the name of the jihadi’s son just don’t waste their time and energy on it? Is it going to change the fact that these self respect lacking dhimmies are going to make the next brothelwood movie featuring a jihadi another super duper hit? So when these self righteous hypocritical dhimmies are not going to make any kind of impact whatsoever, then why whine and prove to the world that all hindus are just dhimmies lacking self-respect at heart? To a neutral observer watching the drama, the only difference between the supposedly outraged RW Hindu TrendVeers vs liberal Hindus is that the latter is far more honest about their lack of self-respect and will probably name their kids after their rapists while the former will pretend to show some self-respect but then adore the same jihadis in the movies.

May be Hindu TrendVeers should come down from their fake moral horse and fake self-respect and start addressing actual problems facing Hindus today, which are much more important for Hindu cause than how jihadis in brothelwood or for that matter anywhere in the world name their children/future jihadis. While the shoddy demonetization tragicomedy is destroying the economy, RTE is being enforced with zeal by Hindu thekadar BJP, temple money is looted under the watchful eyes of Hindu BJP government in various states for development and healthcare. How jihadis name their future jihadis should be the last concern for our Hindu TrendVeers.