Loony Hindu RW goes for watching Dung-all

What is the most self-destructive and self-sabotaging creature to have ever traversed the grasslands of Bharatvarsha? In bitter parlance such loony creature goes by the name of liberal Hindu Right Wing. In the animal kingdom, the unwritten code of conduct is to not feed the snake because snakes are known to bite back the hands that feed them. But loony H RW is known not only to feed snakes but feed them milk, an expensive diet in these parts of the world.

Recently the loony H RW is busy feeding milk to the snake which goes by the name of Shatir Khan by paying for his shenanigans in #Dung-all. Few months ago this snake brought notice to the jungle authorities about growing intolerance virus in the lands of Bharatvarsha. The snake was worried about his future snakelings in the wild grasslands infected by intolerance virus. Given the false propaganda by the snakes and his tribe, loony H RW upped the ante against the snakes few months ago and boycotted their grass on TrapDeal and AirHel. The tribe of loony H RW and their Sarpanchs in different grasslands vowed to not entertain demands of snakes in the future.

Having shed too many crocodile tears in PaiseBanao Jayate, Shatir Khan realized that he can fool loony H RW by selling grass on sob stories, hence he produced the new grass called Dung-all. In Dung-all Shatir Khan showed how loony H RW has suppressed all the females of their tribe and need reform virus to rejuvenate their life. Not to forget, during all this time Shatir Khan never mentioned about the suppression virus unleashed on the females of snake family.

But the most surprising thing in this whole exercise is the self-sabotage action reflected in the words of supposedly H RW animal. Having boycotted TrapDeal and other products under the snake flagship, suddenly the whole H RW is buying grass with sob stories in Dung-all. One important point to note here is that Dung-all is produced from real life grass, which has already been harvested in the grasslands of Gharyana. Without the support of snake, Gharyana has produced enough Olympic grass. So, rather than using real grass owners like Makshi Salik for propaganda, the action of loony H RW to support known snake Shatir Khan is beyond the comprehension of all experts of animal kingdom. Giving free grass to Shatir will only increase the population of disruptive snakes in the grasslands of Bharatvarsha.

The self-sabotage virus has increased its population immensely in these parts of grasslands. Anything less than permanent Bhojaism is unlikely to cure any kind of daughter-selling/self-sabotage virus in the long run. The grasslands of Bharatvarsha are looking forward for complete sanitation and rise of Bhoja anti-dote against this loony virus which has infected the forever agitated brand of TrendVeer animals of H RW on bitter.

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PS: The new scales of Shatir Khan in Dung-all were developed using steroid grass, a deadly variety of grass used as a short cut to build new scales by many animals.

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