Alt-right is retarded and so are Hindus who take that label- Part II

This is the second article in the sequence on decoding usefulness of alt-right for Hindus. Here is Part I.

Alt-Right views on Women and Gender

When one looks at the alt-right and its policies and ideas on gender, it will look very similar to Hindu traditionalist views on gender. But that is where the similarity ends- superficial. Other than the emphasis on strong marital values and the stance against hedonism and sexual revolution, there is little in common between the Hindu traditionalist view and the alt-right. Alt-right does not believe in the women’s suffrage to begin with. They think that the reason why their societies are decadent today was because of women being given the right to vote. Not all of them might see it that way but a significant number of them do. This of course ignores the fact that the same women, who they claim to ruin the traditionalist families of the west were also the once who enforced it with rigorous vigour to begin with. How many have heard about the women of west shaming their men into fighting World War-I with feather campaigns? Isn’t warmongering an anti-progressive/anti-liberal idea? They whine about women suffrage while white women pre-dominantly voted for Trump even in this election. It is the break down of families in the west which is most responsible for women voting for liberal parties in the west. Women vote for welfare because many of their lives and that of their children depend on it. It has a lot to do with the social breakdown and the failure of marriage institution in the west than the right of women to vote. In fact, the breakdown of western marriages began in the Victorian era and was under way long before even men got universal suffrage. How else can you explain Trump winning majority of votes among white women?

Also alt-right thinks that women should not even be allowed to work. This is again against Dharmic ethos and Dharma. Women have always worked historically (Feminists who claim otherwise need to buy some history books). In olden days, preparing and cooking food, washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning the house, lack of refrigerators etc meant that most of the household work women did consumed all their time to even consider working outside. Still many worked in the agricultural fields with their family and can be seen even today in rural India. Now there are lot of appliances which make all of these jobs easier or redundant. None of the above mentioned work is time consuming enough to justify wasting not working for the family. Husband and wife should work together for the betterment of the family and not because they each have to engage in ego match on whose work is more important or whose right is important. An ideal Hindu home should have grand parents living with the grandchildren and the husband and wife both working in their fields of interest while at the same time making sure that their children are properly raised in a Hindu way of life.

Of course, families need to have enough children and if the wife needs to stay home to raise the children because the grand parents are not there to take care of the children, then it is her Dharmic responsibility. In this case, the wife staying at home will be more beneficial for her children than her leaving them at the mercy of daycare shelters and working as a burger flipper at McDonalds while paying puny taxes. The point is, post marriage, rights of Man and Woman cease to exist and only the duties of Husband and Wife to their children and parents exists and whatever needs to be done to take care of and serve their families better should be undertaken by the couple. In this case, both the alt-right neo-nazis, who want the women to stay in kitchen no matter what and the Feminazis who want women to abandon their families and their duties to their children in the name of women’s liberation to work as corporate slaves are just two sides of the same coin. Hindus, if they want to preserve their strong family values, they would reject them both.

Alt-Right morality

Most of the alt-right in the west believes that the genocides the whites did in Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South America and the subsequent conquest and exploitation of the natives by them was a genuine good thing for uplifting humanity. They actually believe that the Blacks were better off under their mastership. They believe that Hitler was right to kill off Jews, Churchill was right to genocide millions of Hindus. They think Martin Luther king Jr was a social justice warrior who destroyed white societies with intermingling of races and subsequently black lives as a side effect by civil rights movement, since as per their world view, the blacks were better off as slaves or sub human citizens of USA under the whites. You only need to take brief look at their blogs about slavery, abolition and their views on Hindus to make up your mind.

Of course, most of the accusations of racism and prejudice that can be levelled up against alt-right can be applied to the Western “Civilisation” in general, but the alt-right takes it to the hey day of western genocides of 19th and 20th century. No self respecting Hindu should take their side, considering at least the history we have had under these plague on Humanity, if not for a moral and humanitarian reason. And of course, special mention has to go to Milo Yiannopoulos (who is not alt-right but shares the core thoughts of western superiority), the half-British half-Jewish filth who likes to make fun of Indian misery and lack of toilets etc with tweets about “poo in the loo”, while conveniently forgetting that his ancestors were the reason India is a shit hole today. He is a perfect example of the kind of filth a Hindu/Indian can expect from alt-right reactionaries in the west today. Milo Yiannopoulos and his fellow British filth making fun of Indian misery is like a rapist making fun of their rape victim for suffering from rape under them. May be it is just British paying for their sins when stories of Rotherham surfaces up. After all, if what the British and other white filth did to the natives of the world, i.e. genocides and slavery, can be called enlightenment of genocides by these subhuman plagues, then what under age British girls are forced to undergo in Rotherham can be called sexual enlightenment towards making them realise the harsh realities of sinful world. Of course, as Human beings, we should refrain from calling Rotherham child rapes by Muslims as sexual enlightenment since we are not subhuman like the whites who engage in that level of justification of what they did to the native cultures and “others” of the world. But that does not mean we have to give them publicity for their sufferings and their karma unless it helps our cause.

Alt-Right will not help India in our fight against decadence and Feminism

Many Hindus falsely believe that since alt-right is against Feminism and decadence, they are allies in the fight against feminism. But many don’t understand that the alt-right, like most of the westerners have this idea of women’s rights hierarchy. They have this notion that their idea of women’s rights is the best in the world while anything too far is bad while anything less is primitive. That is, if you ask a Conservative westerner or an alt-right person on whether India has good women’s rights, he would say no. The liberals on the other hand will claim that they themselves advocate the highest level of women’s rights than that of the conservatives, while believing that conservatives have more women’s rights than the Indians and third worlders. Their Social justice warriors will believe that liberals and conservatives of the west don’t work enough for women’s rights while simultaneously thinking that their version of women’s rights and (non-)family is the best.

As the old saying goes, enemy of your enemy may not necessarily be your friend. For instance, take Brietbart, the supposedly family oriented, conservative/reactionary/alt-right website and analyse their stance on India and Indian societies. They are as likely to be anti-Indian family values as the likes of Huffington Post/NYT. This is not an aberration of the western way of thinking, as there are many examples of such double think existing throughout western history. One of the prominent liberal British colonialist wanted to liberate Indian women with Christianity while opposing women suffrage back home in London. The liberals and conservatives of the west are the two sides of the same coin as far as Hindus and Indian society is concerned. Both want our culture dead and neither of them are our allies, and alt-right is no different.

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