We Protect Our Own: Lessons from Bangalore

The news of hundreds of women being molested in Bangalore on new year’s celebration shocked the world and led to lot of angry reaction in social media and news outlets. Almost everyone is outraged by it, and rightfully so, and is blaming every group on the planet which isn’t their own for the incident. Feminists of course, including the ironically named Hindu feminists, were busy blaming patriarchy, all men and masculinity, all the while forgetting that it was the very men( and their masculinity) who protected their wives, daughters, sisters, girl friends and friends in that area from the low lives, which could have other wise turned into a rape fest like Cologne New Year eve, where thousands of women were molested and raped, since there weren’t enough men to give a damn about or protect their women from sullah migrants. Then of course, the Kannada nationalists, along with others South Indian chauvinists were blaming North Indian culture for it, citing Delhi as an example and how it was North Indian culture which was ruining Bangalore. Then of course, some nationalists, not taking sides and wise enough to avoid name calling all men as pigs or blaming entire regions, decided to call out police and their improper protection arrangements. Then of course, the Congressi Karnataka minister claimed that Bangalore was unsafe because of importing of the western values wholesale and the ironic part of this issue was that, it was a Congressi who sounded most sane in this whole debacle.

The Kannada chauvinists of course would not find any fault in their own Kannadi men and could only fault the dirty, uncouth, unruly North Indians and their culture for it, since they can get away with it because North Indians have been turned into punching bags by the media thanks to their poor portrayal. This of course doesn’t stand up to evidence. North India, specially the rural folks have the lowest rates of crime against women and crime in general because rural areas tend to have low crime since people often know each other well and the biggest deterrence to crime is the shame of getting caught. This has been documented in several studies too, where small offices with lower number of workers tend to have lower thefts than large offices with lots of workers. Secondly, how exactly do these idiots know that the crime was perpetrated by North Indians and their culture? Do they have proof? Of course not. Most of the North Indians working in Bangalore are actually unskilled migrants and not posh westernised wannabe whites who celebrate excesses like New Years Eve. Most of the attendees to the celebration would have been westernised men local to the area, that is the kannadigas themselves. Then where did these chauvinistic idiots come up with the claim that molestation was from North Indian culture, specially when no one was caught nor was any case even registered. And North India was the first one to be outraged and carried out demonstrations against violence against women after Nirbaya rape case, which proves North Indians are no different when it comes to protecting their women and hence the claims by these anti-national regionalists masquerading as nationalists is nothing but disgusting mudslinging aimed at fellow north Indian immigrants there.

Police at their present numbers cannot prevent anything:

There were of course people blaming the entire police department for lack of professionalism. This is patently absurd. Considering the absolutely pathetic numbers they are in and how absurdly over-worked and underpaid they are, it is a miracle that India isn’t a shit-hole worse than Islamic republics or Latin America wrt crime. For example, the average number of police per capita in India is about half that of any developed country in the world. That is, India has 120 police per 100,000 population while the developed world has about 360-400 per 100,000 population. Still India is one of the safest countries in the world to live in, part of which is due to our culture and stable families and other part is due to the over worked and efficient police force of our country. Yes, the police force is politicized but they should be given credit where it is due.

Still, no report had been registered by the police during this episode. Why? One has to put themselves in their shoes and look at what happened in the event outside of emotional knee jerk conclusions. The truth is, police were outnumbered in the gathering area and so it would have been realistically impossible for them to control or do anything. Even if there had been rapes like the new years eve in Cologne, police would not have been able to do anything much about it. Adding to the problem, the evening was dark and fully crowded. This is a recipe for disaster specially when some low lives manage to sneak into the crowd. Since this crowd is mostly there to drink alcohol and party, it is a very good attraction spot for such low life scum. What could the police do at that point except be helpless? Let’s say for argument’s sake that one of the loved one’s woman is molested/grabbed in the crowds. What could a man do? The place was dark and is crowded. It would be very difficult to even know who did it. Even if he could be found, there is no way to know whether the grabbing was done on purpose or by accident. Given the crowd, the defence by the assaulter of accidentally touching the women will be hard to deny and hence as a neutral police man, on whose eyes both are innocent till proven guilty, both assaulter and victim are equally plausible to be saying the truth and could not do much about it. It could even be taken to court and the results won’t be anything different as judges can’t be provided with enough evidence for a conviction. Of course, considering how dark the night would have been, the assaulter could easily deny even being the perpetrator and could just escape. How could the police have done anything, given how small their numbers were?

We Protect Our Own

Instead of blaming the police or blaming all men, or blaming “North Indian” culture etc, it will be wise to act to the situation as the situation demands. The truth of the matter is, in an environment where Dharma is lost and is looked down upon by most urbanised, westernised white wannabes of the urban centers, such incidents will be all but unavoidable. When morality of Dharma, which asks women to be treated as sacred, is replaced by western morality of treating women as sex objects and removing taboos about sex and hedonism, often spoon-fed to us via Hollywood and Brothelwood, such incidents will if anything become the new normal. If anything, Bangalore New Year eve, along with other incidents should actually teach us what we should be doing to protect ourselves- We Protect Our Own.

Feminists screaming about patriarchy, rape culture, misogyny, all men are bad etc can help convince a few good men, who would never rape or molest in their life, into feeling guilty about their fellow men on how evil their sex is and make them give more political power to the feminists to beat all men with, which would be justified now because all men are bad. The real low lives who engage in such activities will of course never listen to the feminist whining and will engage in such behaviour nonetheless, if they think they could get away with it, with or without feminists whining about patriarchy. So what is the solution? We Protect Our Own. We don’t allow our near and dear ones to travel alone at night unaccompanied and unprotected, specially in dangerous areas. And no, unlike what the femtards (including Hindu femtards) think, protecting your own is nothing bad or illogical. It isn’t femtards whose life or dignity which is going to be be in danger when we use fake sloganeering which won’t mean anything when it comes to results. And femtards saying we shouldn’t ask our own to be careful is no different than a moron asking us to not lock our doors claiming that robbers should be taught not to rob our houses. Nobody teaches anyone to molest women, but that doesn’t change the fact that few low lives exist nor will it actually help women with their safety. Let the femtards have their fake platitudes and slogans, but Let Us Protect Our Own. It is no different even for boys, who too are advised by their family, to not venture out late in dangerous areas of the town. Yes, women face more difficulty in this regard but throwing caution out of the window is completely foolish and self-harming.

People blaming the police can keep blaming them all day long but nothing is going to change short of overworking them even more (they already work 10 hours a day, 365 days a year with just 12 CL/year) or increase police numbers, which isn’t going to happen, specially when we spend more money on welfare than on police and judiciary. If anything, incidents like Dhulagarh, Malda, Bangalore New Year Eve etc show how limited police power is in preventing catastrophe and civil break down. So the only sure way to protect our women is by protecting them on our own. Arm yourselves well and prepare to defend yourselves and your loved ones, or avoid such situations altogether. When police protection is so low in such huge gatherings, why even risk your loved one’s life and dignity on a vain and useless attempt to copy failed white western societies? We should dream of a Bharat where women could walk safely alone at night 12 am and we can work on that. But in the meantime- let’s be realistic and protect our own.

The Kannadigas/South Indian chauvinists can keep blaming North Indians all they want, against evidence and data, but that still won’t change the fact that this was a completely avoidable incident and it could have been avoided if Bangalore wasn’t such a white wannabe westernised shit-hole. It is a kannada speaking shithole yes, but it is still near fully westernised with western moral values on sex and women. Teach your kids and new generation why Gods and morality from religion does not matter or how there isn’t a supernatural righteous Gods to watch their Adharmic acts, following the advice of Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, and they will turn into stellar moral pillars of society which molests women if they can get away with it. Blaming North Indians and their culture without any proof isn’t going to solve a problem caused by western morality and culture.

Sarcasm aside, if you really care about society and safety of women, teach your kids proper Hindu culture where harming the dignity of a woman is more evil than killing someone. Copying white western values here will bring white western problems here too. The newly urbanised, westernised middle class and its hedonism driven behaviour of “muh life, muh choice” has driven down the morality on such issues to the point of absurdity. India has 20 times lower per capita rapes than west precisely because of the moral values of the Indian society. The post Nirbhaya outrage against it in Delhi should have been an eye-opener for anyone on how most Indians stand against harm to their women. In Indian society, rape is considered far graver sin than murder precisely because sex between man and woman was considered sacred and reserved within the confines of marriage. By glorifying hedonism, pre-marital sex, drunken irresponsible behaviour, society has to a large extent destroyed the sanctity of sex. That is why even asking people to stay away from irresponsible personal behaviour is now enough to invite scorn from brown westernized Indians. Having fun and enjoying life is important but where is the moderation?

Such incidents are a good time to reflect on priors in our lives, which every nationalist should do. Name-calling each other would not solve anything neither would knee-jerk reactions. So while we fight all these evils and make our society safer, it is important to not forget that the world does not bend to our will. So “We protect our own” till things get better.

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