Hindu Tax Funded Love Jihad- BJP’s next brilliant idea

BJP government, being the Hindu thekadar right wing government, has recently announced a great plan for muslims- that it will start 5 universities exclusively for minorities where 40% of seats will be reserved for women of all religions i.e. mostly Hindus. Basically it means that the universities will have 60% Muslim men enrolled and 40% women of all religions enrolled. Since 40% all women is at the very least is likely to be representative of Indian religious demographic at large, 80% of the 40% will be Hindu women if not straight up higher since Hindu women on average have higher educational achievements that average sullis who usually are bred to be broodmares for future jihadis and hence education is among the least of their priorities. Here is the excerpt from above news:

The committee will work out details and decide. But students belonging to other than minority communities can also take admissions there. We will try to give 40 per cent quota to girl students to empower them. It will not be based on religion.

Unsurprisingly, Hindu feminists and non hindu feminists alike ,who have previously hailed love Jihad and rape conversions as a way to fight against patriarchy have hailed this move as a way to help fight Hindu male domination just like the white feminist sisters fight white male patriarchy by wearing body bags (burkha) and proclaiming that they would rather be raped by muslim refugees than hear about racist men asking them to be safe. While that is unsurprising, what is surprising is the silence from the supposedly Hindu RW and RW publications on this issue. Even most of the supposedly Right wing Twelebs are maintaining an unholy silence on this issue, as if they are just paid BJP chamchas rather than people with genuine Hindu interest at heart. Then again, these people have rarely not kissed BJP’s rear on policy issues and hence its not that surprising either.

So what is the problem with this idea? As already explained, BJP wants to open minority universities with 40% quota for women of all religions. So it is fairly reasonable to assume that the end result of such admission policy is that it will comprise of 60% muslim men and 32% Hindu women, 7% muslim women and 1% women from other religions. As anyone with knowledge of Love Jihad can imagine, it is basically a program where BJP government will offer Hindus girls to muslim men for breeding future jihadis, just like wives of Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan etc. They will spawn kids named Taimur Khan, Jihadi Khan, Kaffir Slayer Khan, Muhammed Aurangzeb etc and the self respect lacking Hindus who allow this to happen can fake their outrage on Twitter just like in the case of Kareena and her spawn.

When there are so many Hindu issues to be solved like Right to Education act which has closed down thousands of Hindu run schools every month, why is the Hindu thekadar government i.e. BJP pushing for sending Hindu girls to Muslim men under the guise of empowerment? For a supposedly Right wing pro-Hindu government, BJP has managed to do something which even Hindu haters like Communists and Congress have not done before- scientific whoring of Hindu interest. Does BJP think that turning Hindu girls into brood mares of the jihadis is the best way to solve Muslim issue?

This article might put off some BJP loyalists, who will support BJP and Modi if tomorrow BJP passes a law mandating that Hindus must compulsorily give their daughters to Jihadis just like how BJP passed a law making it illegal for Hindus to not give houses to Muslims if they don’t want to turn their houses into slaughter houses, and some rational Hindu Right wingers too, who might find this article offensive. The former can go kiss BJP’s rear like they usually do and ignore this news/article while for the latter .ie normal Hindus, this article being offensive is the intention of this article and if the words sound offensive, think of the reality of the situation.

The only other solution to this kind secular politics of BJP is to punish BJP by not voting for them to make it clear that the liberal/jihadis/secular votes they gain from pimping Hindu interests is far less than the votes of Hindus they will lose by such policies. If Hindus keep listening to the daughter selling brigade of BJP, i.e. BJP loyalists who will want BJP in power even if it sells their daughters to sullas like in this instance and keep voting for BJP under the bullshit notion of TINA(there is no alternative), then BJP has no incentive of correcting itself as it has more votes to gain than to lose because self respect lacking and dumb Hindus will continue to vote for BJP using TINA excuse. Frankly, if this BJP government, which funds Jihadis by using Hindu Tax money when it is supposed to be the thekadar of Hindus and Nationalism (there is no Indian Nationalism without Hindus), is the best Hindus can come up with , then Hindus might as well give up any hope for a proper future for them.

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