Kaise Bura Na Manoon? How New Year Really Was For Women Across World

Yet another New Year has come and gone and, despite the growing conversation around women’s safety and equality on this festive day, 2017 was no different when it comes to violation of their rights. One look at a compilation of all reported cases of rape, assault and molestation of women on 31 December this year and the retort to “bura na mano, New Year hai!” becomes clear:

Kaise bura na manoon?

These are only the reported cases of sexual offences against women which made it to the news. When we consider the thousands of women (and girls) who were groped, pinched, and played New Year with against their consent who didn’t or couldn’t complain; or the hundreds more who could have been molested, harassed and even raped who didn’t complain; victims whose guardians didn’t think “society” needed to know; wives whose alcoholic husbands came back especially drunk because New Year hai and beat them up – the violence takes on devilish proportions.

Police with no reason lathi charged Hindu women while they were playing New Year, Beaten #BJPWB Zila Pres. when he went 2 protest.

— Dev Saha (@devworld24)

“There’s a particular targeting of women’s genital parts,” says Shristi Satyawati, speaking to The Guardian. Two days before New Year, she tried to lodge a police case against a group of men who pelted her with water balloons “on [her] breasts and bum”.

I was deeply agitated, but the police said they couldn’t lodge a case. They said it was New Year – they couldn’t do anything about it.

Note: The article has been adapted from original story printed in The Quint here. The word “Holi” has been replaced with “New Year” throughout the article to show the stupidity of leftist morons on how conflating a festival with women safety reeks of complete hypocrisy. The double standards are completely visible- while western non-festivals should be promoted even though they promote open degeneracy and problems, but traditional Hindu festivals should be looked down upon. This is a sarcastic take on this hypocrisy.