Sexual Harassment of coworker by Kumar Sundaram shows how pathetic liberal world view is

Reports are emerging from social media that, Kumar Sundaram of a commie/liberal propaganda portal called India Resists has sexually and mentally harassed a girl who worked for him in his propaganda platform. One of the girls from his close coterie has come out to level charges against him for leaking her private pictures with him to her family members. Here are the charges as detailed by the girl in her fb post:

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When faced with the charges, Sundaram first tried to deflect them:


But when it did not seem to work, he tried to diffuse the situation by seeking an apology:



Liberals/Commie respect for women is a plain simple lie

Whenever a story of sexual harassment or mistreatment of women comes in the internet, it is the liberals and commies who come out of their caves supposedly in defense of such women, often demonizing the whole class of men and society in the process. Their usual propaganda runs along the lines of- men are all pigs and how women are delicate flowers who can do no wrong. Now here is a typical story of liberals and how pathetic they are in their private lives. So here is a supposedly progressive, liberal guy, who even runs his own private propaganda website on liberalism/progressivism etc who supposedly respects women and how liberalism is respecting of women and their “choices”, who is seen blatantly harassing a girl mentally and physically and intimidating her by trying to shame her and her character (notice how liberals use shaming in private sphere!!). Whats worse, the guy Kumar Sundaram is a married guy who is living with his wife and blatantly cheated on her and has even accepted it publicly now. Now look at the character of the girl- she already knew that Kumar Sundaram was married and still had an affair with him, knowing fully well that such a relationship is bound to destroy the marriage of Kumar Sundaram and the woman married to him.

This incident gives a sneak peak into the typical life style and character of liberals/progressives and how pathetic they are in their private lives- have no sense of morals or principles and their typical attitude is whatever satisfies them sexually or otherwise is fine, no matter what the consequences of such actions for others. When these amoral animals accuse men or society in general, what they actually do is project their pathetic moral standards on others. This is why when they hear about any case of harassment, they quickly come to the conclusion that all men are pathetic like them. But the truth of the matter is, not all men are pathetic like the liberal men, who most of the time white knight for feminists/join feminists in bashing other men to compensate for their personal guilt if they had any/or project their pathetic lack of morals or respect for women over to all other men. Also, women are equally responsible for the destruction of livelihood of other women, like the woman here in question, who for her own animalistic desires has wrecked havoc in the married life of another woman.

This kind of moral bankruptcy is not limited to this one guy or girl but is even reflected in the type of people who visit their site and are their followers.We all know how commies and liberals hush up the crimes of their own brethen and it gets reflected in the comment section of these posts. Here are a few excerpts:

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That commies harass women is nothing new for those who have closely watched the activities of comrades operating from campuses or from the ground. Whether it is Tarun Tejpal or other Naxals, the commies are known to help their brethen and whitewash their crimes while shouting equality for women in front of the media and in public space. Sadly, many simple minded women fall for these tricks and it is pretty late by the time they realize the fake “equality mask” of these commie harassers.
Even more blatant is the double standards these commies and liberals show vis a vis their own is under scrutiny for sexual harassment and abuse. This is of course nothing new as these liberals/commies/self appointed thekadars of women are usually very protective of women molesters like Tejpal and even self confessed child molesters like Hasan Suroor. These double standards are gut wrenching as in any other case, commies will be out on streets demanding justice and for filing proper case with the authority. But in this case, many are openly suggesting to forgive Sundaram for leaking the private pictures. Where is the fight for dignity now? Where is the moral posture? In fact, the liberal garbage bin The Quint published an article on it and quickly retracted it as soon as it found that the guy in question is one of their own- liberal/commie turd. Women should be very vary of such self appointed/confessed thekadars of women and their rights.

You don’t need to name the girl but you still need to report it

Coming back to the crime here, sharing someone’s pictures without consent is a big crime. Under the IT act, various charges can be pressed against the criminal, which in this case is Sundaram and he seems to have publicly accepted his crime. We would suggest the girl to file charges in order to protect other women from such predation in the future. She needs to finally walk the talk and should at least care for other women and save them from this man.

The public profile shows he is married and the girl must have known

Also, as per the Indian penal code and its excellent gender neutral, justice filled laws, adultery by a married man even with the consent of the woman he is having an affair with is considered a criminal offense and can be tried in court. Given that this thekedar of progressivism and women’s rights in India, Mr. Kumar Sundaram has already admitted to committing adultery, he can be tried for it in the court if his wife wishes. Of course the girl who slept with this married guy is considered somehow a victim by the court and has to face no consequences for wrecking a marriage (even if that of a liberal) willingly.

It will be wise if at least now, the women in India learn from what kind of creatures these liberals who push for such degeneracy are. They push for these kinds of adultery, sleeping around, one night stands under the smokescreen of equality and rights because they have no moral standards of their own and would like you to become as miserable and pathetic as they themselves are by dragging your standards down to their own level. Smart women and men would instead learn what lack of morals and standards can do to your life and your future.