Is Fadnavis PM material?

Devendra Fadnavis, the current CM of Maharashtra, is quickly emerging as the face of new raytawing liberal politics in India. With his liberal vision, India will indeed achieve great heights. So, it is high time to list some of the biggest achievements of Fadnavis ji.

1) He has closed so many Hindu schools under RTE that no other Raytawing leader can come close to him. According to this news, his government had served closure notice to some 7000 schools.


2) He hates discrimination and he means it when he says it. Since all minorities are eligible for pilgrimage subsidy, he is ensuring that Jews don’t get left behind either. So lets give them scholarships and free tickets to Jerusalem. Thank you Fadnavis ji for showing us the way.


4) Not only the above discrimination will end but he will also end the discrimination in choosing neighbours. Now, if you don’t like that fish and chicken smell, sorry folks, you need to train your noses better as Maharashtra government will bulldoze any dissenters who don’t like chicken smell in their housing society.


4) Best part- he loves people who hate him and his party. In this sense he is Christ reincarnation and will hug all those haters and he will grant them his audience rather than send police after them, the level of nuisance notwithstanding!


5) He cares for the freedom of presstitutes and will protect them with all his might. So you raytawingers, be careful on what you speak against presstitutes, because Fadnavis ji will come down upon you heavily. So no jokes on Barka Butt..ok!


Given these great bills passed under him, we can only say that DF is- Your friendly Kristian, Guardian of journalists, Terminator of Hindoo schools, Superstitions slayer, Sarva dhimmi sambhava.

If you have any doubts whether he is PM material or not, the guy is himself there to answer your question. Dear FatNovice ji- are you PM material?


Raytawing(RW) wishes him good luck in all future endeavors.

Note- PM can stand for many things and not just Prime Minister. For example- it can mean Prime Moron. Share your ideas below.

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