Letter to Sonam Kapoor from a troll

Dear Sonam, or a proud Nachenewali, however you prefer to be addressed, this is to you from a few bechara trolls.

For your clarification, bechara means helpless.  Compared to you, we are helpless.  Not many of us get a voice in Hindustan Times and a few movies every year to voice our or our director’s opinions, in making a mockery of our civilization and culture (sure, sure we know you do not act alone, you have a whole army of idiots in Brothelwood that promote women showing off skin in the name of freedom and yet hypocritically support hijab, niquab and burka under cultural freedom).

So, let’s get straight to the point, your self-assuredness is not because of you have done and accomplished. It began because you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth, which helped you at every step, whether it was being around rich people which kept you away from the  hardships of real life, like the most of us, who are worried about careers and jobs, taking care of family and merely making a simple living. That rich life is what made you think that even a stone heavier than normal weight you could dream of being a Bollywood star, by paying an expensive personal trainer. And there is no question about your family’s links in getting you movies. That you are a moderate actress is not an accomplishment, when getting where you are has been paved by your family name. Imagine how many girls who are overweight, but have no filmy background can even imagine to breathe near Bollywood quarters?

So let’s be clear, your self worth is intertwined every inch with that of your background.

Now, you can call us trolls, but the fact is that because of social media, we are able to express and share our opinion in ways that was impossible for our parents generation. The real issue is that. Earlier it was moviewallahs shouting their opinions at us, now we can talk back.

It is the talking back that bothers you.

And be rest assured, if most of us were not so clear about our ideas and identity, we would not be upset about how you all stuck up people behave.

We do cherish who we are –only our cherishing does not get the same voice as you do.  While when you express your opinion Hindustan Times publishes it, when we express our opinion, by questioning you and your credentials to comment on our nation, considering that you have had such a sheltered life, we are merely called ‘trolls’. And yet, it is we are who connected to the ground reality.

As for you being an avid reader of books, it would be nice to know how many of those have been about our own history, and how many of the books that you read told you about the harm that has been done to our social and cultural fabric due to many invasions or by your own Brothelwood?

And being a feminist takes no courage, it just means shunning every responsibility that nature has assigned to a woman– looking down on the highest possible roles like being a mother, a sustainer of community and de-linking them from being progressive or being helpful for society’s survival.

No one says that you cannot hold an opinion just because you are an actor, it is that uniformed opinions that we object to (no joke that you do not know much about our national anthem).  Would you also please acknowledge that you have the privilege of broadcasting and getting your opinion published, while no matter how informed our opinions or how connected to the ground reality, we are labelled trolls by the likes of you.

So, we will have you know, that those who you labeled trolls are parents and children, doctors and lawyers, authors and scientists, and award winners too.  Just that our accomplishments, despite our hard work, do not get the same attention as yours.

And, we question the quality of your gray matter, not because you look beautiful, but it is because your opinions and concerns for the world are just as fake, as your beauty, which results from spending about a 10,000 times of an average Indian salary of the year on your body.  After which you still need paint brushing, before you can be put on a magazine cover!!

And let us not forget that each dress you wear is what your stylists tell you to, and more often than not your bodies are mere advertising boards for famous brands.

So, get off your high horse about this ‘beauty’ part. There are enough women who use not a tinge of makeup and look many times more beautiful than you do.

You also suggest that we were never a nation that had to be politically correct, but it is Brothelwood that has made political correctness its trademark.  Just the political correctness today means that we do not call Islamic rule an invasion or ignore their atrocities, we must never call Pakistan a failed state, nor we should ever talk about the fact that Pakistan and Bangladesh were created for people of a certain religion and that therefore we should not support the people of same religion in Kashmir, especially when they pushed out an entire community of Hindus and made them refugees in their own country.

You are welcome to criticize the government Ms. Proud Kapoor or Proud Nachanewali, but will you also criticize stone pelters in Kashmir?  That is the question!

When was the last time you and your ilk talked in support of Kashmiri Pundits?

We do not question your right to question, but we do question your biases and one sided denouncement of anyone who stands up for Hindus!!

By this time you know that , ‘Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Issai…’ is not in our anthem, may be because of your background, you never really cared to learn the anthem. But here is a genuine question—

When was the last time you heard say, ‘Allah’s name called by any other name will be as sweet?’

Why not criticize the inherent lack of freedom within Islam and Christianity?

Actors becoming role models is nothing new, most people follow ‘trends’.  In comparison to scientists and intellectuals, actors will always have more followers.  Easy to follow news on fashion and films.  Noam Chomsky has less than 30K followers.  But here is the difference, his followers probably have full life of their own and engage in intellectual dialogue.  The same cannot be said about your followers, who are happy to read about your new movie!!

Let us see if you are going to speak for us, who criticize you to have your opinions published in Hindustan Times? Or would you tweet this opinion that questions you? If not, then shed this idea about ‘being a self-assured woman’.

The thing is that you can be fearless, it is not the same for many of us.  We have regular jobs and families to take care of.  One hit on our livelihood and our lives will be shaken.  But we still care for our country and civilization. We ask why is your ‘filmy’ community quiet when Hindus are hit?  How can you say that you care for the environment or are an animal lover and yet stand for meat eating? Why this hypocrisy? The least you can do is say that Hindu and Jain ideology is kinder to both plant and animal kingdoms?

Oh, but you do not want to take sides? Or did you say you were not afraid to take sides?

And for your kind information, we dance, with family and friends, all the time. The difference that we dance because our lives are joyful while you charge for your moves!

And you can call us trolls if you wish, but we are after all the becharas, who you will not tweet about, neither will a major newspaper give voice to.

So, in that becharagi, in that helplessness, we write, and we tweet, and we talk, just to let the world know that we have opinions too, and they count, even if we are not served with space in the main stream media.  So, to counter that, we talk, we scream, we share, simply because we have a voice and would like to be heard.

And labeling anyone ‘troll’ who disagrees with your opinion is a stale tactic, so at least be original in your retort. But probably working in those B grade roles of copied Brothelwood movies has taken a toll on whatsoever little gray matter was left in your body.

Vande Matram!

Poor Becharas

Note: Article submitted by a regular reader of YP.

Image Source: http://www.lightscamerabollywood.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Beautiful-Sonam-with-her-dad-Anil-Kapoor.jpg