No nation became great by luck. Building a great nation takes vision and hard work of scores of men. We are the followers of Dharmic traditions of our civilization and want to contribute to nation building by creating a platform which can provide critical analysis of policies and help build a strong and confident India.

We, at Yuga Parivartan, come from diverse backgrounds and are united by our passion to dissect policy decisions without falling for any intellectual fads. Bracketing policies under left and right have done enough damage to India, so there is a need to break away from these western constructs. India should choose policies that are best for it. Economically, free markets seem to work much better than excessive government intervention, so we stand by free markets if they can work. On the cultural side, we believe in Hinduism and do not sell our traditions for aligning with libertarian principles or economic benefits like other RW portals. If you share our vision and want to contribute, please write to us at admin@yugaparivartan.com.

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Bharat is a wounded civilization and our elites in academia, media, bureaucracy and politicians have done nothing to heal her wounds. In fact many of them actively work to destroy her culture and civilisation . We are here to expose them and to show why Bharat as a civilisation is superior and provide ideas for the way forward so that we can restore Bharat to its former glory of being the world centre of arts, culture, morality, religion and spirituality instead of the brown-skinned version of Western civilisation into which it is turning into today, following the same ideas which brought decay to the western world.
How to get there?
  1. Free Market economy: Government planning has failed as a policy around the world and failed in India as well. The market reforms in 1991 has brought more people out of poverty in 2 decades than the previous 4 decades before 1991. Without a strong economy, the goal of establishing a Dharmic civilization is not possible and it can be achieved only through free markets. And free markets are not synonymous with crony capitalism that has been the feature of Indian economy till now. So, no free loans to Vijay Mallaya and no reason for government to operate Air India.
  2. Preservation of Dharmic religions: The secular brainwashing of the past seven decades has strangulated the Dharmics so much that they cannot even think that their future is doomed without a Dharmic majority in India. All the Dharmic religions need to recognize that India is the land of their birth and Karma and in case of persecution, no other nation will give them shelter. The world will pay zero attention to the genocide of pagans like Hindus in Bangladesh or Yazidis in Syria. This is the only way to maintain political unity of India, by realizing its Hindu past and ensuring it stays the same. So, on the external side, Dharmics need to maintain demographic superiority and fight the assault by Muslim womb. On the spiritual side, this implies fighting the post-modern assaults on Dharmic rituals. It is a well developed Christian technique to deracinate native people and then harvest their souls.
  3. Family tradition and values: The march of state intervention and feminism in West has resulted in 50% divorce rates, orphaned children and confused society. India is lucky that it can see the evil results of individual narcissism and avoid repeating the mistakes of the West. We need a fine balance between economic prosperity and family values to provide stability, which can support growth of our future generations. There is no point in achieving blind growth which results in sending parents into old age homes and force half the population to survive on anti-depressant drugs.

There is one important point which is essential to highlight here and that is what if you have to choose between free markets and culture. The answer in almost all these cases should be culture. For eg. Would you support free trade and migration? Yes, free trade is important for growth but not migration if it erodes Dharmic culture. Migration supports local economy in most cases, but it cannot be allowed at the cost of cultural dilution. In Indian case, it would mean kicking out illegal Bangladeshis. Bangladesh has already erased the last traces of its Hindu ancestry and have joined the list of wannabe Arabs like Pakistanis and their illegals are now spilling into India to help the rapid growth of Muslim ghettos. In the long run, this will create big demographic problems for whole India, like they already are causing in West Bengal and Assam, and so Bangladeshi Muslims should be strictly banned from entering India. The rule should be exactly opposite in case of Dharmic migrants from Nepal, Bhutan or Buddhists from South East Asia.

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