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Seventy years of leftist education has made Hindus utterly confused and they have lost all their identity. India is the last fort of pagans in the world. The rest of the world is run over by Abrahamics or ideologies derived from it. If you want to maintain contact with your great great great grandfather who lived 5000 years ago, then you need to detoxify yourself and see the world as it is. It is a long process but nothing can stop you if you are ready to see the world from the Hindu angle.

There is no point in ranting about problems and getting mad at left ecosystem. There are many actionable items and if they reach enough people it can make a change. But first make changes in your personal life else there can be no win on the political dimension. Here is a short list of articles that will help you in disassociating from the modernity narratives you have been taught since childhood:

Demographic Seize

Democracy is all about numbers so if you have lost numbers, you have lost the game. Seems like the cards are heavily stacked against Hindus on this front due to massive propaganda by government and popular media.

1. Demographic Seize of Al-Hind

2. Hindus having kids is the only way to save our future

3. Japan- How it solved its Christian problem

4. List of websites on real nature of Islam

5. Revival of Kshatriya spirit

Cultural Assault

It is an assault on our traditions and family. The usual suspects Abrahamics and leftists having joined their forces together to conquer India.

1. How to defeat the left

2. From fall of Olympics to Jallikattu Ban

3. Sabrimala to Shani temple-tale of anti-Hindu feminists

4. What Hindus can learn from destruction of Chinese culture by CCP

5. Islamism, individualism and feminism vs Hinduism

6. A theory in thought

7. Evolutionary banter about pre-marital sex, stress and divorce

Western Feminism- a failed ideology

Feminism is a failed ideology as it has destroyed the family culture in the west. Now it is blindly copied by the brown sepoys. One needs to understand that historical Abrahamic male God lies at the development of this theory.

1. Gender wars by feminists are nonsense in Indian context

2. The entitled Middle Class Princess Syndrome

3. Why women in combat roles will spell doom for Indian Army

4. Marital Rape: An Oxymoron

5. Lessons from Foxes: Genes, Demography and Destiny

6. Feminists lied to women about career and marriage

7. Why feminism is a flawed ideology- I

Is west really the best?

Even after being colonized for 200 years, modern Indians have strange love for the west (Stockholm syndrome). But the empire was built on lies then as well as now. Although the entire Indian history needs rewriting, but the portrayal of west and its society definitely needs a change.

1. Why Western “civilization” is not a civilization, let alone a superior one

2. Myth of British Raj helping India

3. India does not have a rape culture, west does

Hindus should control propaganda channels i.e. media

Unless Hindus wrestle back control over the mass media, there is no hope for their survival. After school books, media controls the narrative and churns out new generation of citizens. It is a big factor in de-racinating Hindus.

1. Why Hindus need to infiltrate mass media

2. Hate Bollywood for not making these war movies

3. Why Bollywood should be banned for the good of the nation

Ideology above individual or organization

Hindus need to be tactical in their voting to ensure that their agenda is not sidelined. This means shifting BJP further to the core right. This is important so that political parties think twice before reneging on promises made to Hindus.

1. Had BJP betrayed Hindus or it is just incompetent

2. Game theory- Why Hindus should vote out BJP in all local elections

Great! You have finished the crash course on Hindu revivalism. Now you can take the test to find out which subspecies of Hindus you belong to.

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